Gift Guide: Ready or Not Blu-Ray review

I dug the craziness of Ready or Not. It was a clever and dark twist on the children’s game mixed with the high drama of meeting the in-laws. Grace (Samara Weaving) agrees to get married at her future husband’s ancestral home. Her new family has a tradition of playing a game on the wedding night, but the selection sets things up for a wedding night Grace won’t ever forget.

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Video Quality

Most of the film is shot with an antique sickly yellow to capture this old school feel. The details are sharp and you can catch the fabric patterns of clothing, the wood texture of the furniture and the metallic aspects of the weapons.

Ironically some of the lighting choices drowns out some of the more interesting color choices like Grace’s shoes are yellow, which look more like faded white and Alex and Becky’s matching blue tone outfits.

Special Features:

Let the Games Begin: The Making of Ready or Not (42:28)

This is an involved major bonus feature with so much more than the quick obligatory interviews. You can tell the cast and crew enjoyed their experience on the film. The cast had a blast with their characters and provide genuinely funny commentary on their roles in these segments. When the crew talks about how fun the cast is, it’s easy to take at face value.


Some of the discussions break down the intricacies of working with Radio Silence, the two-man directorial team and the third member, who serves as an executive producer. It’s an interesting process that isn’t as overly complicated as it might sound.

There’s a fun breakdown on the game creation, which helped establish the family fortune and how some were inspired by popular games.

One of my favorites in this segment is costume designer Avery Plewes excitedly exploring how she came up with her costuming choices for Grace and the family. Plewes is clearly passionate, which makes her a treat to watch.

Gag Reel


Audio Commentary by Radio Silence and Samara Weaving

Like the other features, this is a strong commentary filled with insightful stories and extra tidbits.

ready or not movie review - the le domas family about to hunt


A look at some of the pictures from the shooting.

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