WWE Elite Alexander Wolfe figure review

SAnitY was way too short-lived in NXT, but they did provide some memorable moments and matches including the first NXT War Games match. Mattel spread out releasing the various members of the faction and Alexander Wolfe was the final member I needed to not only complete the team, but give me motivation to start reviewing them. Let’s see if this Wolfe is ready for the hunt.

Packaging:  Just a few more series with the white with red accent set up. It’s fine, but Mattel made the right call in switching it up every year or so. I like the blue crowd backdrop as it helps make the figure stand out against it.

As a store exclusive, Wolfe’s package doesn’t include anyone else from this wave giving more space for the photo and stat card/bio.

Likeness:  Wolfe has one of those great looks that conveys a lot of character even when he doesn’t say anything. He just has this oddball presence. Mattel captured that perfectly as Wolfe is not the kind of figure who needs a bored neutral expression. He looks like he’s sizing up his opponent for some serious destruction.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - entrance gear close up

The back of his head even has the tuft of hair that slicks back during his matches. Mattel’s part choices make sense as well as he was broad without being fat.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - scale with authors of pain and undisputed era

Scale:  6’1” Alexander Wolfe is 6’1” placing him between the 5’11” Eric Young and 6’4” Killian Dain. He’s looking up slightly at the 6’3” Akam and 6’4” Rezar and the figure is properly scaled. I love when that happens.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - facing authors of pain and undisputed era

Paint:  Just like Eric Young, Wolfe’s paint job is very impressive. For him it’s mostly about the tights, which are very intricate with various lines, patterns and small details. It’s high quality stuff and Mattel even got Wolfe’s hair right with a darker wash in his beard. That carries through to the kneepads as well, which is an area Mattel sometimes shortchanges.

Wolfe’s torso is a different tone than his head and arms. It’s not as noticeable as it is with some figures, but it’s something Mattel needs to improve going into 2020. The only other iffy issue is his back tattoo, which missed the proper spot and is lined up askew on his shirt.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - rear close up


Articulation:  Wolfe is a wild brawler and this Jim Anvil body works fine for his style. The part choice is always important as some Elite bodies don’t allow for the best movement. That’s not a case with Wolfe. He can pull off his vast array of suplexes with ease and is more fun than I thought before I started posing him.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - one-armed slam

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - splash to kyle o'reilly

Alexander Wolfe has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - big boot to kyle o'reilly

Accessories:  Wolfe has his ring jacket, which is somewhat of a pain to put on since it’s plastic.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - accessories in tray

Mattel gets a pass here thanks to all the detail on the jacket with the skull on the front, the German flag and the patterns on the sleeves.

Wolfe also comes with the mask, which fits just fine.. Wolfe’s odd suspender/back restraint is included as well. It’s part of his attire so I didn’t remove it and it doesn’t prove to be a problem when I posed him. Finally, he comes with an alternate set of outstretched hands.

Worth it?  Wolfe was a Target exclusive so if you missed him there, you’re going to pay more for him now. I wouldn’t say he’s worth $35, but if you were able to get the other SAnitY members for under the regular $20 retail price it balances out.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Skin tone issues aside, Mattel really did an impressive job with Wolfe’s figure. Now that he’s a member of Imperium we don’t get this look so I’m glad they knocked out this SAnitY version so well.

wwe alexander wolfe figure review - with eric young

Where to get it?  Wolfe was in this weird universe of making current stars store exclusives. In this case it was Target, who tends to do a better job with store exclusives than Wal-Mart. If you missed him there, you can get Wolfe from Amazon at a slightly marked up price.

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