Image Comics reviews 1-8-20 Gideon Falls #20, The Clock #1

Gideon Falls #20

gideon falls #20

I’ve gotta be honest, I have no idea what’s going on in Gideon Falls these days, but I’m loving every page and new crazy revelation.

Writer Jeff Lemire is coming up with some off the wall concepts that you absolutely won’t see coming. In this issue, Father Norton and Angela are being pursued by what appears to be giant crickets and inside out demons in a lake only to be rescued by loincloth wearing archers in a village run by a surprising leader.

Clara realizes Danny is being targeted, just as Danny and The Ploughmen come up with their own plan of attack. Lemire is one of a handful writers skilled enough to make this wackiness work, but it’s made for an unpredictable joy ride.

Andrea Sorrentino’s art continues to amaze every issue. This isn’t the kind of title that would work with basic page layouts and the standard presentation and Sorrentino frequently throws in abstract setups on his pages. It’s clear Sorrentino and Lemire are in lock step with their vision for the book. Dave Stewart’s colors are also an essential element with the subdued colors giving way as the story demands to bold, bloody reds and stark blacks.

Gideon Falls is one of those books you’ve got no choice but to get swept up in it and enjoy every creepy, crazy, WTF moment.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10