Image Comics reviews 1-8-20 Gideon Falls #20, The Clock #1

The Clock #1

the clock #1

One of the best aspects of Image Comics is the incredibly wide variety of stories told that aren’t “traditional” comic book stories.

The Clock is another great example with a premise that’s going to take a few issues to really play out, but the first issue is captivating enough to hook me for the long haul.

Jack is a scientist trying to be more aggressive in fighting cancer. His research has revealed some terrifying trends and unless an effective cure is found more cemeteries will have mass funerals daily.

Writer Matt Hawkins paves the story well starting with Jack and his father in Africa looking for any leads. They deal with impoverished villagers and warlords before tragedy awaits them back in the States that only makes Jack more obsessed.

But there’s only so much one man can do especially when it seems not everyone is on board with his efforts. How far will Jack go?

Hawkins writes the story in a way that makes for an easy film or TV adaptation, but it’s artist Colleen Doran who skillfully lays out the pages and tells the story with a subtle conspiracy build up. Character perspectives and angles offer a strong dramatic tone even through what could have been presented as flat, boring conversations.

The Clock is ticking and already Hawkins and Doran have never wound up wondering how the story will unfold. Hawkins promises a big reveal in issue 3, but this is already shaping up to be another fascinating hit.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Image Credit: Image Comics