DC Multiverse KGBeast figure review – Collect and Connect Killer Croc wave

KGBeast was one of the mid-80s Batman villains that has managed to have some real staying power. He’s been a useful adversary when Batman writers want to give The Dark Knight a formidable physical challenge for a few issues. He was also one of the few major villains we needed from Mattel with apologies to Maxie Zeus, Kite-Man and Condiment King so I was thrilled he made the cut for the final full wave. Let’s see if this guy beasts out or if he’s ready to get caged.

Packaging: As I wind down on Mattel’s run, I have to reiterate how much I like the blue color scheme as it really helped the line stand out among others on the pegs. This bio breaks down the important aspect of the character, which is all that’s needed for him.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - package bio

Likeness:  Normally I go with the classic look, but KGBeast’s original look is admittedly pretty ridiculous. This modern look is appropriately menacing while retaining the best aspects of the debut outfit.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - wide shot

The one old school design I wish remained is the mask as the modern leans right up on gimp fashion. My design choice for the mask aside, it actually turned out well here thanks to the sunken eyes and sculpted outlines. That wouldn’t have turned out nearly as nice with paint. I’m pretty sure this attire debuted with All-Star Batman or at least that is the direct inspiration for this figure.

KGBeast shares a lot of body parts with the Collect and Connect Lobo with the biggest difference the big soft plastic overlay shirt. And the left arm cannon attachment. The arm cannon looks pretty good though I wonder if it might not be sized up a bit too much. The spikes on the shirt are a nice touch and the texture came out nicely.

I really like how there’s some dents in the red sections as if he’s been in battle already and stopped a few bullets. Another well executed segment is the overlapping belts with the throwing stars on one portion and the belt buckle underneath.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - looking up

The two knife sheaths and segments boots also right on model from the comics. Mattel’s sculptors really knocked this guy out.


Scale:  Here’s where this guy is fun. He can fit in with the DC Classics line as a towering menace.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - scale with dc multiverse nightwing, dc essentials batman and dc classics batman

He’s about eye to eye with the DC Essentials Batman, which adds to his versatility. This gen Multiverse line has been a lot of fun for their ability to work within two separate lines.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - facing nightwing, batmen

Paint:  There’s a sneaky amount of subtle detail here and for the most part, Mattel covered it well. The few exceptions are some areas with the throwing stars and the right boot top.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - full size

Articulation: The torso overlay prevents the usual back and forth movement. It’s not a huge deal, but there’s an odd setup as the torso peg pops out of the waist. It plugs back in easily enough although it’s a very weird articulation mechanic. As a result you won’t be able to do a straight kick, but he’s got a decent enough center of balance to stand on one leg.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - taking aim at batman

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - closing in on batman

As far as his standard movement, KGBeast can pull off what I wanted save a solid sniper pose. I’m mainly going to have this guy in tank mode so Mattel covered my real requirements for this guy with no trouble.

KGBeast has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - nightwing's revenge

Accessories:  KGBeast comes with two knives that fit in his boot scabbards. His longer blade and scope fit into the gun compartment. The longer blade also doubles as a separate piece that fits into his right hand.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - carrying knife

He also comes with the head and crotch piece of the Collect and Connect Killer Croc.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - accessories in package

Worth it? I got him for $20 and I don’t have buyer’s remorse even with Amazon having him up for $17.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Even with the weird detaching bottom half I enjoyed this guy a lot, but better articulation really would have put him over the top.

dc multiverse kgbeast figure review - defeated batman

Where to get it? Wal-Mart has this wave on clearance but you can get him online from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.