Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness loses director

This is a magic trick that won’t leave a lot of Doctor Strange fans happy.

The dreaded “creative differences” have popped up to end Scott Derrickson’s stint on the Doctor Strange sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Derrickson directed the first Doctor Strange installment and seemed to have a great handle on the character and his wacky, magical world so this is a bummer. He also seemed to have a good idea in terms of how he was going to handle the next chapter.

During the Marvel Studios Phase 4 rollout announcement, Derrickson described the sequel as “the first scary MCU film.” If any character could explore horror roots in the established MCU, Doctor Strange made the most sense and it was a welcome new direction to take the universe.


The initial outrage on social media was Disney and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige wasn’t too keen on an actual horror movie. This narrative of course conveniently ignores the fact that New Mutants looks every bit like a true horror movie from the latest trailer and Disney is releasing that film.

We do know Scarlet Witch will be featured tying in to elements from WandaVision. It’s possible Derrickson didn’t like the direction the film was going to take in regards to making Scarlet Witch too much of the focus over Doctor Strange.


And maybe the inclusion of Wanda and other surprising characters, per Feige, didn’t leave much room for Derrickson to follow-up on the tease with Baron Mordo in the Doctor Strange post-credits?

Photo Credit: Disney, Getty