DC Comics reviews for 1/15/20 – The Flash #86, Legion of Super Heroes #3

Legion of Super Heroes #3

legion of super heroes #3

The secret to Brian Michael Bendis’ success on DC titles seems to be when he’s working with blank slate characters like Naomi and the Legion. While Naomi is an all new character, Bendis is working off a fresh enough take with the Legion that he has complete control of their voices and actions.

It’s also why it’s more than a little annoying that Bendis added Jon Kent to the huge ensemble. Or why he also added Robin to the mix this issue. It’s not surprising then that the best aspects of the issue are the sequences that don’t feature poorly characterized versions of The Super Sons.

This new Legion has some potential as Bendis explores new relationship pairings and dynamics. He probably would have been better off holding off on bringing Superboy to the team until he had time to establish this new Legion.

Bendis avoids his sing sing dialogue and rarely dabbles into repeated conversation points. There’s so many intriguing Legionnaires that it feels like a disservice keeping them in the background while Jon takes up valuable page time accomplishing nothing. Bendis’ lack of understanding of Jonathan Kent remains aggravating as he writes him incredibly inconsistent with other writers. Bendis Superboy is one of the least interesting characters in the book so far so hopefully he’ll spend more time in subsequent issues explaining and focusing on the rest of the team.

Ryan Sook and Travis Moore handle the art this issue. They’re a formidable tag team although Moore’s pages look more polished and feature better portrayals of the Legion. Moore would make for a great regular artist in the book provided colorist Jordie Bellaire stays on to work with whoever as her colors fit very nicely with this take on the team.

Bendis is starting to write some intrigue in the book beyond the team fawning over him. If he’s able to keep this momentum, Legion of Super Heroes might be the one Bendis book worth seeking out each month.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10