WWE Elite 70 EC3 figure review

It’s crazy how WWE and NXT have basically turned into an ROH and TNA showcase. In some cases, the roster is comprised of neglected WWE stars who had to go to the other promotions to stand out before returning. That would be the case with EC3, a guy who was never gonna be a player in the WWE and became an enjoyable cog in TNA. While his return to the WWE hasn’t been in the top percent at least we got a new figure of him with the Elite 70 wave.

Package: It’s the same standard white and red packaging we’ve had for the last two years.

The blue crowd backdrop continues to showcase the figure and accessories well. I do love the back with its stats breakdown and bio. Hopefully that doesn’t get changed significantly with the latest package update.

Likeness:  Mattel has really been on a roll with their head sculpts over the last year. EC3 is another sculpt that perfectly captures the attitude of the character. It’s full of confidence and swagger. The hair came out great and I’d argue this might be the best head sculpt Mattel did all last year.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review -wide pic

EC3 is pretty ripped so Mattel went with the jacked Batista torso. That’s a good fit for him as it best represents his physique.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review - scale with ricochet, johnny gargano, bobby fish and drew mcintyre

Scale:  At 6’4” EC3 is taller than the average modern WWE star. He does look up to the 6’5″ Drew McIntyre and is taller than the 5’11” Bobby Fish and 5’10” Johnny Gargano.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review - ricochet, johnny gargano, bobby fish and drew mcintyre

Paint:  EC3 quietly has a busy and intricate tight design that Mattel knocked out very well. For a mass market line, Mattel rarely has issues with paint jobs on its figures.

EC3’s skin tone is also correctly tanned, which is something Mattel has gotten better about over the years.

Articulation:  The Batista torso doesn’t allow figures to have their arms flat against the sides. It’s OK for a body guy like EC3 as it doesn’t hinder any of his moves while allowing him to pose and flaunt to the fans.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review - vice headlock

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review - fireman carry

EC3 has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review -corner splash

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review -one percenter

Accessories:  EC3 has a somewhat lackluster assortment of accessories. It starts with the plastic T-shirt. Mattel hasn’t been able to not make these look like life vests and it continues to look crummy.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review - accessories in tray

He also comes with two alternate hand sculpts. One is a gripping set and the other are fists. These are solid options and allow EC3 to cut promos, hold weapons or taunt opponents.

Finally, he comes with an NXT microphone. That’ll be useful for the Commissioner Steven Regal figure we…still don’t have from Mattel.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review -hushing crowd

Worth it?  EC3 doesn’t have the same great accessories as some of his wave mates. While I appreciate the extra hands, I’d still like an additional weapon (chair, table) to provide additional value of the $20 retail price. Or if you got lucky and found him during holiday sales you nabbed him for the far more reasonable $15 price tag.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

A cloth shirt or another unique accessory is all that’s holding EC3 back from the peak of perfection.

wwe elite 70 ec3 figure review - tko to johnny gargano

Where to get it?  Elite 70 has made the rounds in Target and Wal-Mart, but if your store is terrible, go the Amazon route.

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