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Marvel Legends The Thing figure review – Build-A-Figure Super Skrull wave

Funny thing (pun not intended) I actually don’t mind some modern comic book outfits. Some are pretty cool and are fitting with the character. I’m perfectly fine with characters getting alternate looks and the flavor of the year costume after I get the definitive looks. That said, I kinda dig these modern costumes for the Fantastic Four. Last time, The Thing was the final figure in the exclusive Walgreens releases so I figured it made sense to start off with Mr. Grimm in this new Super Skrull wave. Now, it’s reviewing time!

Packaging: Of course the Fantastic Four gets the black and blue accent color. I love the side portrait with the smiling Ben as he’s ready for clobbering time. I still don’t like how the back of the packaging is cut halfway with so much legal jargon.

marvel legends the thing figure review - package bio

It’s funny how the bio doesn’t mention the Fantastic Four or much beyond how he got his powers. I also love the unintentional 4+ in the upper right and the top with the four logo.

Likeness:  Hasbro put a lot of work in the Thing’s sculpt so it made sense for them to reuse it. If you got the Walgreens exclusive figure there’s not a lot of changes. The biggest is the new head sculpt, which has more of classic Thing brow.

marvel legends the thing figure review - wide shot

I’ve seen people swap the entire figure to get this classic look with the new sculpt. If it’s not that hard, I might do it too. Not that I didn’t like the first one, but the overall look is more of what I associate with Ben Grimm’s alter ego.

marvel legends the thing figure review -hands on hips

The belt tends to slide down with some movement, but it won’t just fall down, which was a concern.

Paint:  I also like the paint shading here as The Thing’s plates weren’t always colored the same way in the classic comics.  I wish it were a bit more consistent throughout like the lower half and legs though. The black and blue shades are nice.


marvel legends the thing figure review - comparison with 2018 thing

Scale:  The Thing has been portrayed like a giant these days. Ideally, he’d be around the same size as Reed, but there’s no need to change it up now. I like his width though as he looks very formidable.

marvel legends the thing figure review - facing 2018 thing

Articulation:  Thing has surprising range of motion despite his girth. His torso articulation is better than I expected and he can sink down pretty low in a relative split.

marvel legends the thing figure review - wide stance

For a brawler type, Thing covers all the articulation needs I’ve got.

marvel legends the thing figure review - runningThe Thing has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

marvel legends the thing figure review - pivoting

Accessories:  Given how The Thing absolutely dominates the packaging (this wordy always feels tricky), you’d think he doesn’t really have a lot of space for extras. The original release had an alternate set of hands and head. We don’t really need grasping hands over a pair of fists.

marvel legends the thing figure review - accessories in tray

Instead, we get two heads for the Super Skrull. That’s a great choice and sneakily kinda makes me think of army building this guy.

Worth it?  Considering some of the other Build-A-Figures we’ve gotten this year, getting Ben for $20 is a great deal. He’s double packed in the sets so I don’t expect him to double in price although you never know what figures will become super pricey.

Rating: 10 out of 10

I tried to find some issues with this guy, but really this is a really great modern Fantastic Four version of The Thing.

marvel legends the thing figure review -darker shot

Where to get it?  I found the wave at Target, but people have also found them at Wal-Mart and GameStops. You could also go the Amazon, Entertainment Earth and Hasbro Pulse route.