Supergirl: The Bottle Episode review S5 E10

With Arrow ending, I’m giving Supergirl another shot at weekly reviews. I’ve been keeping up with this season though and have enjoyed it for the most part barring some lame subplots with the weaker supporting characters. Let’s see how I long I stick with it this time. If this episode is any indication, it might be for at least the end of the season.

The Bottle Episode is basically a soft reboot of the series in the post-Crisis world. That’s in keeping with most DC comic reboots with random picking and choosing of what elements to keep and what to discard. I wonder how widespread the changes will be on The Flash and Black Lightning since they’re the only shows that would really see significant changes.

supergirl the bottle episode - lex luthor

Easily the biggest is Lex is now considered a hero thanks in part to his actual heroic role in the Crisis. Lex mentions he talked to a very important man (Arrow Spectre?) and got his revamped life as billionaire philanthropist and head of the DEO. And while he was at it, he got Lena the same loving billionaire shtick and his mother, Lillian, a gig as the head of the Luthor Foundation.

This plays in to the portrayal of Lex at the start of DC Rebirth, which positioned him as an anti-hero of sorts that Superman didn’t trust. Ultimately of course that proved correct, but it made for an interesting dynamic in the Superman books for awhile.


J’onn went around and restored the memories of the main characters. The heroes are the only ones who remember Luthor’s shady dealings from the previous Earth. J’onn is being a cheat code and I wish some of the Supergirl secrets that have been outed over the last few seasons were bottled back up.

Kara doesn’t want to make the same mistake with Lena, but Lena still isn’t down with picking her BFF card back up. The one chink in Lex’s grand new world is he doesn’t remember Leviathan, which could prove to be costly. He’s saying all the right things, but Lex and Lillian are still working Lena to keep her on Team Luthor.

supergirl the bottle episode - alex and supergirl

Most of this focus was on Braniac-5 as he encountered several Brainiac-5 remnants from other Earths including Querl Dox (played by Jesse Rath’s actual sister Meaghan Rath, New Girl). Another is wearing the more iconic comic purple jumpsuit attire from the Legion. While the Anti-Life Equation gets mentioned, they’re just carry overs from other Earths that Spectre Arrow somehow forgot didn’t need to exist.

In a fun twist, the gang’s new hangout spot, Al’s, is filled with Multiverse outcasts including another Earth’s versions of the three witches from the very questionable back half of the otherwise excellent Reign season. Here, they’re just basic fortune tellers trying to make a quick buck.

For the most part, the multiple Brainy storyline was a goofy culminating in the ridiculous bar fight to *NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Maybe this reviewing Supergirl again on the week of a heavy Brainiac spotlight episode wasn’t the best idea.

supergirl the bottle episode - brainiac-5

Things turned around though late as Brainiac stopped suppressing his intelligence and went full Brainy complete with purple jumpsuit, stronger green skin tone and blonde hair. Previously, he’d looked like a washed out Brainiac-5 rip-off, but now he looks far more like the character should in a live-action context. Is it too much to hope that the show will stick with this look?

Before getting absorbed in the Brainiac-Prime body aka Supergirl’s Brainy, Querl Dox warns him he has to work in secrecy with Lex to avoid what happened on her world to become a reality on his Earth. So you’re saying a Lex Luthor and Brainiac alliance is gonna be a thing on Supergirl now? Sign me up. And their first lead on tracking down Leviathan is Winn? Wait, did Supergirl just get really promising all of a sudden?

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW