DC Comics reviews 1/22/20 – Wonder Woman #750, Batman #87, Superman #19

Batman/Superman #6

batman superman #6

Batman Superman is just six issues in, but it’s already feeling like comic book comfort food.

The World’s Finest try to make things right with Wonder Woman in the wake of The Infected storyline. Through no fault of writer Joshua Williamson, this fractured trinity dynamic feels similar to the split that helped lead to Infinite Crisis.

While making for a jarring mid-issue shift in focus, The Infected storyline goes from a current threat to one the heroes are dealing with the aftermath. That story had started to feel like it had run its course and it was nice to see Williamson starting a new arc ghat builds on more current events like Superman revealing his secret identity.

David Marquez might be the best pure classic style artist at DC. All of his takes on the characters feels iconic. I’d love to see him tackle an event book or a larger team book like the Legion of Super Heroes or Justice Society. Alejandro Sanchez’s gorgeous colors are a tremendous complement as well.

The issue ends with a tease for the next arc with a pair of villains that make a lot of sense to pit against Batman and Superman. It should be fun to see what Williamson and Marquez have in store for this arc.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10