DC Comics reviews 1/29/20 – Justice League #39, Action Comics #1019

The Flash #87

the flash #87

Joshua Williamson takes the time this issue to write a follow up on the Rogues Reign arc. Crafting an epilogue chapter for big arcs is a practice that isn’t as common as it should be so I was glad Williamson set up an organic breather issue before introducing the next big bad.

The Flash takes some extreme measures to get a grip of his out of control Speed Force powers, but not before having one last conversation with Captain Cold. The only thing that didn’t work was the exchanges between Flash and Cold where they referred to each other as “Criminal” and “Nerd.” That kind of name calling feels really out of place in Williamson’s script and adds a corny element he rarely has in his dialogue.

Fortunately that’s a minor blip on the issue as Williamson sets up a solid calm before the storm — giving Barry and Iris some quality time, creating a natural reason to write Kid Flash and Avery out for the time being and establishing a baseline new status quo.

Christian Duce returns to handle the art. Duce has been a regular guest artist and he always delivers strong imagery. That doesn’t always make for the most dynamic action sequences, but in a dialogue heavy issue, Dude’s dramatic style works well. Luis Guerrero’s vibrant colors really pop and pair well with an artist like Duce.

This issue ends with a powerful cliffhanger as Williamson and Duce set the stage for the reveal of Paradox, who could be one of Flash’s biggest threats.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics