Parasite Blu-Ray review

Parasite is one of my favorite films of the last decade. It’s a brilliantly acted, masterfully directed and cleverly written film that offers surprises and an interesting glimpse of the great divide between the haves and have-nots. It’s emerged as a true dark horse contender in the Oscars and I’d be thrilled if it walked away with Best Picture honors. The film was released on Blu-Ray on Jan. 28 so audiences can experience it as the Oscar buzz continues to build.


The film focuses on two families — the Kims and the Parks. Situated in the dregs where drunks urinate in the alley in front of their place, the Kims contend with bugs, steal Wi-Fi and take odd jobs like folding pizza boxes to make ends meet. On a lark, the Kim son gets a job tutoring the daughter of a very wealthy family enjoying the life the Kims never imagined possible.

Just a taste of the good life is enough for the Kims to take some extraordinary measures to leech on to this amazing lifestyle and devour it from the inside. But they’re not the only ones who have secrets, which threaten to derail all of their plans.

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Director Bong Joon Ho sets Parasite up like a comedy that evolves into a thriller with equal parts social commentary on class treatment. The film never waivers exploring any of these avenues and the performances are incredibly solid without a weak link in the cast.

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Video and Audio:

Parasite boasts an excellent 1080p transfer. While it’s not quite at 4K levels of immersive detail, Parasite features a reference quality Blu-Ray transfer. It’s easy to see precise details like hair strands, skin imperfections and the fabric of the furniture. Check out the fur on Mrs. Park’s dog or the patterns on the granite siding.

Lighting is superb whether in the Park’s bright garden or the dank, waterlogged Kim abode. The details pop throughout so you see the distinction between the two homes. No doubt a 4K presentation would make the film look even more spectacular, but this transfer is no slouch in terms of providing that visual wow factor.

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The audio track is also very strong. Background conversations and ambient noise come in as clearly as intended. Of particular note the scene with the heavy rainfall sounds appropriately overwhelming and full.


Bonus Features:

Parasite doesn’t offer a massive amount of special features. There’s no behind the scenes documentary fluff piece, which is just as good since the film doesn’t need that kind of filler.

What is included are two trailers and a Q & A with Director Bong Joon Ho (19:03). This is conducted in English and Korean with a translator sharing Bong’s thoughts. This is more effective than a standard on set feature as Bong is able to discuss spoiler plot points with an audience deeply familiar with the film.

There is also a digital copy of the film.


It’s fitting that one of the best films of the decade gets a superior Blu-Ray release. Fans of the film will definitely want to get this while those curious about the fuss won’t be disappointed.

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*Universal Pictures Home Entertainment provided this Blu-Ray copy for review purposes.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures