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WWE Elite #71 The Big Show figure review

The Big Show stormed into the WWF in a major way aligning with Vince McMahon’s Corporation against Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1999 in February 1999. It was a busy year for the former Giant as he would go on to end 1999 with a last minute entry in the Survivor Series to win the WWF title. Mattel commemorated that big year for The Big Show with his latest flashback figure in Elite 71. Let’s see if this one is ready for the big time.

Packaging: Elite 71 is the last one to feature this white with red accent packaging style. It’s time for an upgrade and I’m glad Mattel isn’t afraid to mix up the Elite packaging.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - package bio

The side features a classic 99 portrait of The Big Show while the back shows a picture of his title win and good background information.

Likeness: I probably wouldn’t have gotten this figure if it didn’t feature Big Show with his ponytail . I wasn’t that invested in Big Show’s title reign besides the hilarious feud with Big Bossman. The ponytail makes all the difference though as it allows for an Unholy Alliance version of TBS (and The Union for hardcore fans).

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - unholy alliance with the undertaker

Granted it’s not a perfect likeness due to Big Show rocking bicycle short type shorts, instead of the regular trunks, but I’ll work around it.

I like this expression as it captures Big Show as he’s fired up and getting ready to lay out an opponent. Mattel has mostly gone with neutral expressions for Big Show, but I like this choice.

During this time frame, Big Show wore a T-shirt while wrestling. It’s part of his standard look, but thankfully Mattel went with a cloth one so it avoids the life jacket visual. I also appreciate that Mattel didn’t just paint the shirt on. Also since it’s removable, we can have other eras of Big Show.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - scale with the rock, the undertaker and triple h

Scale: The Big Show is one of the taller stars in WWE history clocking in at 7’. That puts him eye to eye with Kane and just a bit taller than the 6’10” Undertaker.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - facing the rock, undertaker, kane and triple h

Paint: Big Show is pretty simple as far as paint requirements go since he’s just rocking tights and black boots. There’s no issues with the face painting, but that is honestly the norm for this line. It’s much more of a surprise if a figure has bad paintwork.

I had to check, but Big Show didn’t have his massive right arm tattoo until after this period so the figure is accurate.

Articulation: Mattel’s giant-sized body is surprisingly poseable and is solid enough to serve as the base for smaller figures. There’s no problem hitting the chokeslam or any of Big Show’s other big power moves.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - double clothesline to the rock and triple h

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - elbow drop to triple h

The Big Show has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - choking triple h

Accessories: Big Show comes with two open hands, which should be the standard for all of his figures going forward as it allows him to punch guys and hit the chokeslam.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - chokeslam to triple h

He also comes with the world title. I feel like it’d be hard for folks not to have 10 of these laying around, but this is a sensible accessory to include for this era of Big Show.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - holding wwf title

While I’m fine with the head sculpt expression choice, it would have been nice to have an additional head sculpt with a neutral expression like the side portrait.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review -in plastic tray

Worth it? I was able to get this guy for $15. That’s a great deal for a figure at this scale and size. He’s still a solid purchase at $20.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

For this era Big Show, Mattel knocked him out with a solid offering. He makes a good addition to a 1999 collection.

wwe elite 71 the big show figure review - big boot to the rock

Where to get it? I found The Big Show at Target, but you can also get him from Amazon.