Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Avengers: Endgame Smart Hulk figure review

It’s 2020, but I’ve finally wrapped up another Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure from 2019. Today I’m looking at the Smart Hulk BAF from Avengers: Endgame.  Let’s see if this figure makes me want to smash something.

Packaging:  I’d love if Hasbro added a little file card for the BAFs. It’s bad enough they don’t get any respect with a cool portrait, but the lack of a bio is inexcusable. Or maybe I’m being overly dramatic in this case? It’s probably the latter.

Likeness:  Smart Hulk was one of the big surprises in Endgame as Banner and Hulk learned to co-exist into one being instead of the extended struggle for control.

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - serious head sculpt

Of course the weird thing here is Hulk’s attire, which is his “gratuitous” look when he traveled back to 2012. Ideally, Hasbro could have gone with Hulk’s hero suit from when he put on the nano-gauntlet or his hoodie look.

This is likely due to Hasbro not having access to all of the various looks of the Hulk and not wanting to commit the resources to developing a one and done sculpt. On that sense this figure is a bit of a letdown.


There’s something off with the head sculpt. It’s not quite stern and not quite learning his puppy got ran over, but Smart Hulk doesn’t have that loving life expression he had for most of the film. The Mark Ruffalo by way of CGI Hulk is very evident in the sculpt however.

The pants have great texturing and some nice rips. They look like it’s based off the same sculpt as the 80th Anniversary Hulk, but this figure overall is much smaller.

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - scale with war machine, black panther and black widow

Scale:  It’s not fair to compare Smart Hulk height wise to other comic book based Hulk figures.

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - facing war machine, black panther and black widow

His proper scale measure is other movie figures and he looks impressively massive and tall compared to some of the standard MCU Marvel Legends figures.

Paint:  The paintwork is very basic here as most of it is accomplished via the plastic. I like the choice of green as it’s more fitting to the movie color than the brighter hue used for the comic figures. It would have been nice for better blending of the grey temples as they look too sharp and focused.

Articulation:  Despite his status as The Hulk, Smart Hulk really wasn’t that active in combat until the big final battle with Thanos and he’s not dressed for that battle. Still, he does have pretty solid articulation.

Of course this draws attention to the one right hand fist and the grasping left hand. Ideally, we’d get the alternate hands, but mixing it up is smarter in this case.

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - running

Smart Hulk has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles
  • tail

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - bracing for impact

Accessories:  In a rarity, Smart Hulk does have an accessory with his alternate smiling head sculpt. It looks a little unnerving with almost a creepy smile, but it felt somewhat unsettling in the film as well watching a happy Hulk. It would have been nice to get a different expression.

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - ready for a fight

I definitely would have liked to get alternate hands so we could have two fists and grabbing hands.

Worth it?  Besides Rescue, who I ended up loving, I wanted every figure in this wave so Smart Hulk was a free figure for me.  A full set of this wave will run you $170 not including the War Machine figure, which doesn’t have a BAF part.

Rating: 8 out of 10

This is a pretty decent MCU Hulk, but it’s not the best choice for Smart Hulk and is a missed opportunity for a cool alternate look beyond the style of pants.

marvel legends smart hulk figure review - wide shot

Where to get it?  You can find completed BAF auctions on eBay, but this wave was so good I’d just recommend getting the full set from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.