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DC Comics reviews 2/5/20 – Justice League #40, Batman #88, Young Justice #13

Lois Lane #8

lois lane #8

Continuity in the Superman family books is all out of whack right now with Brian Michael Bendis seemingly in no rush to wrap up the Leviathan mini-event, which is causing some headaches with Lois Lane.

For the most part writer Greg Rucka avoids the problems by treating this storyline like it’s happening outside of the events in Superman and Action Comics. Hard to knock that idea as Rucka continues making the case that Lois Lane doesn’t need a maxi-series so much as an ongoing title.

This issue finds Lois and Rene Montoya tracking down a missing person lead while navigating police investigations and an overprotective Superman. Rucka has a strong handle on the Lois/Superman dynamic, but the real revelation is how effective Lois and Montoya make as a team. She’s been the ideal supporting character this book always needed while giving Montoya more of a presence here than being another Gotham City PD detective.

Mike Perkins continues to deliver solid art particularly in the heavy dialogue moments. His sequential art in action scenes is a little hard to follow, but it largely gets the job done. Colorist Gabe Eltaeb shows good instincts in terms of when to mute the colors or play them up prominently against darker backdrops.

Lois Lane is on its home stretch and the creative team stays on point with their subtle message that this is a highly viable character and premise to last beyond 12 issues.

Rating: 9 out of 10