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WWE Elite 71 Kassius Ohno figure review

Kassius Ohno was one of the more interesting characters on the independent scene when he wrestled as Chris Hero. Nowawadays he’s the punching bag proving ground opponent on NXT. I’m happy to finally get an Elite figure of him so I can throw the Kings of Wrestling in the 2020 March Bashness tournament. Let’s see if this figure is a knockout.

Package: There’s not a big difference with this packaging from the others with the white with red accents.

As a Target exclusive, Ohno doesn’t have the rest of the wave on the back and has a larger photo/bio section.

Likeness:  It’s very easy to see Ohno in this sculpt. I see exactly the look and expression Mattel was going for here even if I don’t think the smiling expression was the best choice. Mattel knocked out the hair with it flowing to one side and the creases and wrinkles in his face came out strongly. This works for good guy Ohno, but is too friendly for the heel version.

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -wide shot

Ohno has one of the larger physiques for a non-giant in NXT or WWE so Mattel had to get creative in displaying his girth. The oversized plastic shirt works in this case as that vest-like appearance actually helps in padding the figure out.

He’s got thicker legs as well showing Mattel really figured out the challenge of bringing Ohno to figure life.

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -scale with ec3, cesaro, adam cole and drew mcintyre

Scale:  Standing at 6’4” Ohno is taller than most of his NXT peers including  the 5’10” Johnny Gargano and 6’ Adam Cole (Bay Bay!).

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -facing ec3, cesaro, adam cole and drew mcintyre

Paint:  Ohno represents another instance where Mattel is improving with hair color shading as there’s some black in the brown.

The “jersey” paint came out fine — Mattel never seems to have a challenge with tampo paint applications, which carries through to the tights and boots complete with a Kassius along the sides.

Articulation:  Opponents have underestimated Kassius’ size to their regret as he’s still a very fluid and capable wrestler. The shirt does create some restrictions with the torso’s back and forth movement, but otherwise you can still pull off his move set including his KO elbow.

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -forearm smash to bobby roode

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -big boot to johnny gargano

Kassius Ohno has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -senton splash

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -ax bomber forearm

Accessories:  Ohno comes with his entrance robe. Fortunately, it’s cloth as plastic on plastic attires would have been tricky to operate. The robe has good detail and hangs appropriately. It’s one of those cases where you clearly can see the benefit of going this route for all entrance attires except for the absolute most complex gear.

He also comes with an alternate set of fists. These swappable hands were overdue, but I’m glad we have them now.

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review -figure in tray

Worth it?  I was able to get Ohno for $15. That is pretty much always the sweet spot for this wave. He’s a figure that might be priced much higher due to his exclusive nature making for a tricky proposition.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I would have loved a different expression for the head sculpt. While it’s not the ideal Flashback version of Chris Hero that I’d love in figure form, this Kassius Ohno is a great representation of this veteran.

wwe elite 70 kassius ohno figure review - kings of wrestling pose with cesaro

Where to get it?  Ohno was the Target exclusive figure in Elite 71. The tricky thing with him is Target has been real sporadic with stocking this wave even going as far as having some of Elite 72 on shelves lately.