The Flash – Love is a Battlefield review S6 E11

After a pretty serious first half of the season, The Flash goes for a lighter Valentine’s Day themed focus with Love is a Battlefield. It’s a goofy episode, but The Flash is well equipped to make it work.

Frost is thrilled to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day. And she’s so excited she’s going to get Allegra and her crush together. Frost living her best life is a weird twist on the character, but at least she has a purpose.

Nash tries to cheer her up and offers some advice, which Allegra seems to have heard before. I’m still not sure about Allegra, but she’s not an annoying supporting character. On the positive side, I’m curious about her development instead of wanting to turn the channel whenever she appears. And thankfully, Frost seems a little suspicious of Nash’s fatherly advice. You’d think the last character this season who would be keeping any more secrets would be Nash…

Iris is full of surprises — she can cook, speak Italian and apparently got a sponsorship with Alexa. #ProductPlacement.

the flash - love is a battlefield review - amunet black

Amunet Black is here to ruin their dinner and steals a device from a fellow dimmer guest. Before Barry — the superspeeder meta — can stop her, Amunet threatens to out his secret identity. With the way Barry casually treats his identity this really could be a problem every week. Not sure if enough time had passed since Amunet’s last appearance as she’s one of those Rogues that works best in limited doses.

Iris gets in on more of the action as she goes to a bar Amunet frequents and cracked a bottle over a bouncer’s head. I’m going to chalk up Barry’s lack of catching these cues to a Crisis hangover.

the flash - love is a battlefield review - goldface

Amunet and her ex, Goldface, are in the middle of a turf war as she’s after the same device, which is actually a rare plant capable of granting the user the ability to read minds. Iris mentioned she called Ryan Choi. I appreciate the nod since he’s almost been forgotten since Crisis.


Candice Patton delivered on this scene when Iris says she can’t be Barry’s voice in his ear cheering him on as she had to prepare for a life without him after Crisis. Although I think this has something to do with the mirror trip Iris she’s making totally valid points here.

Joe’s marriage speech to Barry is incredible. They really should make a disc of all of his pep talks. I’d be first in line to buy it.

Iris tries to work Amunet by offering to help her get the plant. Barry realizes he’s The Flash and quickly wraps Amunet and Goldface together. Iris suggests he destroy the plant, which leads to Amunet and Goldface getting it on in a wacky, but funny payoff.

the flash - love is a battlefield review - iris

Barry apologizes for slighting Iris and she forgives him as she gazes into the mirror taunting the real Iris looking at the woman from the mirror making moves on her husband. Poor Barry. What’s he going to do when he learns Mirror Iris is a better cook than regular Iris.

Love is a Battlefield wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously as was a fun Flash-theme episode around Valentine’s Day. It’s a little refreshing not immediately jumping to the next big bad too.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW