Hasbro reveals Power Rangers Lightning Collection Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd figure two-pack

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans can add the last big bad to the collection with the exclusive wedding two-pack of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

The two-pack will be a GameStop exclusive, which has been a strong partner for Hasbro with this line. With GameStop’s shaky retail status and dramatic price hike of Marvel Legends to $30 it’s worth wondering the chances of future Power Rangers two-packs.

Rita looks great. The cloth robe was the way to go for her and in lieu of two head sculpts, this scowling one was the best choice. I love her accessories including her bouquet and wedding cake.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Rita Repulsa and lord Zedd


The set will be $50, which is higher than two figures at normal price anywhere but GameStop. That would be a little easier to chalk up if Zedd was noticeably different than the single card release.

Photo Credit: Hasbro