Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog makeover leads to highest grossing video game opener ever

Sonic the Hedgehog debuted to a record $57 million three-day weekend haul. That was good enough to top Detective Pokémon Pikachu’s $54.3 million.

That makes Paramount’s gamble to delay the film to fix the poorly received CGI design of SEGA’s mascot a wise move.

It begs the question how the film would have been received if Paramount decided the early look was good enough. That was Warner Bros.’ approach with the less than favorable reaction to Green Lantern’s design. That film had other issues than visuals, but they didn’t help.

Sonic also earned $43 million worldwide, which is putting the $87 million budgeted film on a good path to be a big hit this year. It could surpass $70 million by the end of President’s Day weekend.

Birds of Prey came in second place for its second week with an estimated $17.1 million for the weekend and $19.6 million for the holiday stint. That brings its total to $61.7 million with a global total of $143 million.

Fantasy Island debuted with $12.4 million, followed very closely by The Photograph with $12.27 million. Bad Boys for Life wrapped the top five with $11.3 million taking its series’ best $182 million.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures