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Marvel Legends She-Hulk figure review – Build-A-Figure Super Skrull wave

Hasbro has been on a bit of an apology tour for figures they tackled in their early days with the Marvel Legends license. She-Hulk seemed like an obvious candidate especially when her name surfaced in the latest Fantastic Four wave. A classic John Byrne FF version seemed like a smart choice with a Fan Channel Avengers option later. Instead, Hasbro opted for a modern She-Hulk.

My main issue with modern figures is the looks so rarely stay in place or in demand by the time a figure actually gets to stores that it’s already outdated. That’s the case with this She-Hulk as Jennifer doesn’t have the gamma scarring and is more of a Hulked-out version of Hulk. I know she’s just Hulk now, but Jennifer is always going to be She-Hulk to me.

Packaging:  I love the shade of blue with the Fantastic Four series. It pops nicely against the black as does Jennifer’s Hulk logo. The side portrait is solid, but like Invisible Woman, the weaker portraits were the women for some reason.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - package bio

The back doesn’t offer a ton of info in terms of this new look for a character that’s clearly been changed from how some fans might remember.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - wide shot

Likeness:  What immediately stands out is the impressive sculpting. From the fierce head sculpt, fantastic windswept hair, the tattered shirt, shredded physique (check out that six-pack!) and ripped jeans, everything looks phenomenal. This is an amazing looking figure and puts Hasbro’s previous She-Hulks to shame on all levels.

There’s not a lot of potential re-use here, but Hasbro didn’t care and made the best version of this particular look possible with the exception of actually sculpting in the gamma scars.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - flexing

Paint: In this iteration, She-Hulk has a dusky grey skin tone. It’s the most exciting color, but is accurate to the source material. The gamma radiation pops out with a bright green. I wonder if Hasbro should have gone with a brighter or darker shade of blue for the jeans to make them stand out further from the skin tone.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - with mcu smart hulk

I like the dingy white used for the shirt. The work with her gamma-irradiated eyes and darker green lips is sharp.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - facing iron man, captain america and captain marvel

Scale:  This version of She-Hulk was stronger and broader than her giant bikini model look. She’s taller than the other Avengers including Hercules and Thor. Now that I’ve got my classic Thor, I wouldn’t mind a modern one from Jason Aaron’s Avengers run.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - scale with iron man, captain america and captain marvel


marvel legends she-hulk figure review - ready for a fight

Articulation:  You might want a seat. I can’t use my typical complaint about female figures here as She-Hulk…actually…has bicep articulation! It’s something that should be standard, but even more so with brawler characters so I’m thrilled Hasbro included them here.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - on one knee

While she has single-joint elbows, the cut is so deep it serves the same purpose as double jointed. If this is a potential cost cutting measure, I’m perfectly fine with the choice so long as the range stays intact.

Despite her height and mass of plastic, She-Hulk has great balance as well and can hit the running pose.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - running

She-Hulk has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - vs super skrull

Accessories:  She-Hulk has an alternate set of grasping hands. It’s not a lot, but I appreciate being able to mix up posing options.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - figure and accessories in tray

Additionally, she comes with the right arm for the BAF Super Skrull, but not just one. We get the powered down version and the second is a stretched out semi-visible version to mimic the powers of Mister Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. That’s sufficient for a random character, but I’m going to add a real comic version to my list of future Spider-Man rogues I want in this format.

Worth it?  I grabbed She-Hulk for $20. It’s real hard to knock a figure at this size with an original sculpt and a solid amount of accessories for $20. I’d be shocked if she goes below that price come December.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - with modern fantastic four

Rating:  10 out of 10

While this isn’t either version I wanted this is a tremendous take on the modern-ish She-Hulk and an outstanding job by Hasbro.

marvel legends she-hulk figure review - close up head and hair

Where to get it?  The wave is available at Target, Wal-Mart and GameStop. Online shoppers can find her easily enough on Amazon, which has her now at retail price, or Entertainment Earth and Hasbro Pulse.