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Teen Titans #39

teen titans #39

Teen Titans is setting its sights on most improved DC title for 2020 as the Djinn Wars get underway.

Robin and the Titans are after D’Jinn’s brother, Elias, in hopes of restoring their teammate.

Robbie Thompson joins Adam Glass as the co-writer of the series and his contribution is immediately apparent. The team isn’t constantly sniping at each other every panel and there’s a stronger sense of a group learning to operate as a unit. It’s a major improvement and the banter, particularly Roundhouse’s dialogue, was another highlight. This means Damian reads far less psychotic than he has in earlier arcs, but it’s a fair trade off to not have him read like a supervillain.

I always try to stay spoiler free with these reviews, but as pleasantly surprised as I was initially with this issue, the arrival of one of my favorite modern era characters — that makes perfect sense in this arc — was a terrific bonus. The team has been pretty consistent, but this does open the door for at least one new addition.

Teen Titans has always had decent art with Cliff Chang most recently really lending a distinct visual style. Eduardo Pansica makes a kick down the doors and take names type of debut with artwork that lends an air of refinement and energy the book has never really ever enjoyed. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors look great as well making for one of the sharpest the title has looked.

This revamped creative team bodes well for a book that’s seemingly been on the fringe of being great for too long. Now the book may be ready to take a giant leap towards must-read status.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics