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Flash Forward #6

flash forward #6

Considering this mini-series has taken Wally West to fighting alongside the Earth-23 Superman, a vampiric Roy Harper and riffs on the Avengers and X-Men, it’s hard not to see the ending of Flash Forward as anything but anticlimactic.

Wally basically has to choose between saving his children or the fate of the Multiverse. Writer Scott Lobdell can’t wring much drama out of this scenario as Wally envisions this choice as his penance for his role in Heroes in Crisis.

With no big bad or even a final battle, artist Brett Booth is similarly handcuffed. At least he can have some fun with spacious double spreads to fake some significant developments. On one end there’s a happy ending but with 5G imminent these changes might not amount to much anyway.

Wally’s story isn’t over yet with the next chapter promised in the upcoming Flash #750, but this felt like an underwhelming way to wrap this mini-series.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10