Toy Fair 2020: Mattel revives WWE Legends line, debuts Elite 76, The Fiend figures

You can’t keep a good legend down. After years of collectors clamoring for the return of the dedicated line to classic superstars from yesterday, Mattel is bringing back the WWE Legends line complete with that cool old school packaging. This will be an exclusive line to Target.

The initial Wave 7 will feature Sting in his earliest Crow attire, Bobby the Brain Heenan, Razor Ramon in blue attire and Greg the Hammer Valentine. This should solve the problem of never finding the Flashback figures with them packed one to a case.

Bobby Heenan

Razor Ramon

Crow Sting

Greg Valentine


The other new line is a Decade of Dominance, which is a Wal-Mart exclusive. It includes a WWE debut version Randy Orton. Still not the Evolution version with colorful tights I think a lot of collectors want to see, but it actually has the sling he wore forever so I’m definitely getting this one.

There were also stand-ups for a Nation of Domination era Mark Henry (finally!) and a 1990 Survivor Series Undertaker (still no 1998). Weasel Suit Heenan and NOD Henry were among the poll choices from Mattel awhile back with the Fan Central wave so it’s nice to see them revisited here.

Also part of the wave is a FCW Natalya.

wwe decade of dominance - natalya walmart

On the modern front, the latest Ultimate Edition figures were revealed with a classic Ruthless Aggression John Cena and a Wrestlemania Becky Lynch. Both of these were great choices for the line and the added UE articulation should actually make an STF easier for Cena.

Basic Series 107
Battle Pack 65
Elite 76

Elite 77 – The Fiend

wwe elite 77 - the fiend

I’m absolutely getting the Slambulance vehicle playset as I love the idea of Mattel introducing vehicles to the line.

wwe legends series 7 - slambulance

What do you think of these new reveals?

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