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Toy Fair 2020: NECA Toys reveals Defenders of the Earth figure line

This Toy Fair is just hours old and my wallet is already cowering in a corner rocking back and forth. The latest out of nowhere reveal from NECA Toys with its Defenders of the Earth line shoots way up to one of my most wanted.

Defenders was this great idea featuring Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar battling among the Merciless’ ice army.


Even as a kid I hated that the show was saddled with the children of their famous fathers. So I LOVE the idea of not having to worry about having to buy the kids in a two-pack with their fathers.

The figures look great and should be compatible with the Batman, Green Lantern and Superman figures from the Aliens and Predator two-packs.

Also Defenders had one of the greatest theme songs of the 80s.