The Walking Dead – Squeeze review S10 E9

From a cave-in to what I’m at a loss for what could be a more disturbing sex scene, there was plenty to leave an impression with The Walking Dead’s return from what’s felt like a decade long break. Fortunately Squeeze got things going in a hurry.

A cave full of walkers

While miserably time consuming this trap doesn’t seem like it has to be inescapable problem. Granted, I’ve always been a stab the walkers from a distance rather than deal with them later kind of guy and these walkers are pretty much playing fish in the widest possible barrel. Instead, Daryl leads the crew in a game of hopscotch over the rocks. Kelly and her bum ankle immediately show why this was a questionable strategy as she barely avoids falling into the walker mosh pit. Of course walkers offer the worst possible body surfing.

Magna rightfully blames Carol for their plight as this really is entirely her fault they all fell into this cave. At least the stalactites have water.

Whatever the opposite of shipping is that’s what I’m doing with Daryl and Carol. While Magda looks for a way out, some Whisperers nearly get her. Clearly they came in from somewhere so the Cave Crew tries to trace their steps out. Thankfully the Whisperers were thoughtful enough to carve their route in the cave walls.

the walking dead squeeze review - carol, aaron, kelly, connie, magna and daryl

The major tension for this episode was would Jerry make it through the tunnel’s extra small spaces. I figured killing someone off to start the second half of the season probably wouldn’t happen, but I bit when walkers suddenly started crawling after him. This is a testament to my love for Jerry in one of the most vulnerable positions anyone has been in when trying to escape walkers. After Noah of course as he had the absolute worst one.

I wasn’t a fan of Claustrophobic Carol as it seemed like a totally convenient issue for her in this very specific situation. It’s not as bad as Carol having a secret sister we just meet this episode, but it felt close. I haven’t rewatched the series in awhile, but after 10 seasons it would seem like Carol would have been in tight situations before, right?


Negan steps into it

With Alpha leery after Carol and company came through to the herd location she suspects Alexandria has been spying on them. Negan seems to take advantage of her confusion to direct Alpha’s attention toward Gamma. From a strategic standpoint, outing Gamma’s conflicting loyalties will get Negan closer to Alpha’s inner circle. Initially, Alpha isn’t keen on the suggestion that one of her trusted lieutenants could be a traitor and tosses him in the latrine. Yeah, he’s gonna need a lot of hand sanitizer now and I think The Whisperers are fresh out.

the walking dead - squeeze review - negan and alpha

As always for what’s seemed like the last two seasons, Negan gets the line of the night as he describes Beta as “Frankenstein’s hemorrhoid. He’s clearly a goose stepper.” Jeffrey Dean Morgan must crack up reading this dialogue he gets to deliver. 

After a bit more consideration, Alpha realizes Gamma would make the ideal traitor and leads Negan off to the woods to thank him for the head’s up. She has him strip and then surprises him when he turns around by only having on her birthday suit…and walker mask. One of my DVRs clearly got freaked out over the notion of this hook up and temporarily cut the recording. “Thankfully” DVR #2 didn’t have any issues so I did see that skin-crawling kiss as Negan and Alpha bumped uglies in the woods. I’m going to need several mind showers to get that image out of my head.

It all goes boom

The cave crew has made some headway and spies a way out. Kelly hopes to speed up the process with some thoughtfully provided dynamite. Jerry doesn’t think it’s stable enough to use as an escape method.

Carol has no such qualms and goes for it while the others are making progress on an exit thanks to Aaron using his Hawkgirl’s mace attachment. to smash through a Daryl tries to get Carol to leave the dynamite, but she’s consumed by her desire to make Alpha suffer. Of course she loses the dynamite, which triggers a cave-in.

Jerry braces the ceiling while Kelly, Aaron, Daryl and Carol escape. Magna and Kelly get caught in the cave-in and the odds aren’t good that they survived. Absolutely nobody has time for Carol, who knows she screwed up royally. You know it’s bad when Daryl is dismissive of his BFF. Daryl isn’t going back with the others as he wants to find another way into the cave to potentially rescue Connie and Magna.

the walking dead - squeeze review - daryl and carol

Now going by established Glenn rules of no body, no death there exists the possibility that Magna and Connie survived the cave-in. Maybe we won’t learn their fate until Lauren Ridloff finishes any reshoots for The Eternals? Of course, Daryl’s track record when he goes solo to rescue lost causes hasn’t always worked out too well for him (Sophia, Beth) so I’m not loving his odds.

Squeeze set up some dissension in The Whisperer ranks, a fracture with Daryl and Carol while potentially killing off two semi-important supporting characters. Not a bad way to start the season’s second half.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC

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