Toy Fair 2020: Pre-order Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Kenner Classics and Plasma Series line

As I’m apparently getting every figure line I had as a child, Hasbro piqued my interest this year with the reveal of its throwback Kenner Classics line and the movie Plasma Series Ghostbusters figures. How silly would I be in getting both of these lines and how realistic is it that I’ll be able to avoid grabbing both when I see them on the stands?

Kenner Classics

It’s a (proton) blast from the past with THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Kenner Classics Figure assortment from Hasbro, inspired by the classic figures from Kenner. With original Kenner deco and card backs influenced by the iconic look from the 80s cartoon series, these retro figures are a must have for any Ghostbusters fan. Each Ghostbuster comes with accessories inspired by the series: a ghost, proton pack, and proton blaster with stream.

I loved The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and this might be my one indulgent pickup in terms of animated looks for a figure line. And I love that it immediately comes with Slimer as well. These are slated for a spring release with a $14.99 retail price.


Plasma Series

The premium, collectible Ghostbusters figures that fans been waiting for are here with the GHOSTBUSTERS Plasma Series Figures from Hasbro. Inspired by the original Ghostbusters movies, the Plasma Series Figures features collector grade deco across multiple points of articulation, character-inspired accessories, and photorealistic actor likenesses. Each figure also comes with a buildable ghost component.

I’ve held off on other companies’ take on The Ghostbusters, but I think this is where I’m gonna cave and finally get the sci-fi Fab 4. They’re coming this summer with a $19.99 price tag.


ghostbusters plasma series - terror dog

You can order the Plasma Series complete set on Entertainment Earth.