DC Comics reviews 2-26-20 – Action Comics #1020, Detective Comics #1020

Justice League Dark #20

justice league dark #20

Just when you thought Justice League Dark couldn’t get any weirder, new co-writer Ram V joins James Tynion IV to up the ante with a seriously twisted and engaging new arc. When a mysterious new forces threatens to overwhelm a city, Animal Man reaches out to the Justice League Dark squad for help in stopping the first salvo of the Parliaments going to war with each other.

This is a creepy plot and Tynion and Ram V dive in deep with an infection that creates growth on character’s bodies and the return of Jason Woodrue. The team is conflicted on how to best deal with the conflict with Constantine working on a less than smiled upon tactic. That further helps establish JLD as a team of individuals who still prefer doing things their own way.  To stop this new threat eventually they’ll need to get on the same page however.

Kyle Hotz fills in as artist this issue. Hotz has the kind of style that doesn’t work for every character, but a title like JLD is 100 percent in his wheelhouse as he ups the creep factor with his portraits and detailing that embraces the weirder aspects of the book. FCO Plascencia embraces the challenge of coloring in vivid fashion Hotz’s dramatic artwork. They make for a great pairing that makes this issue unlike anything else you’ll read this week.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10