Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar figure review – Walgreens exclusive

I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard New Mutants fan. The premise of the team was cool and I dig the characters. Hasbro has largely ignored the team save the Build-a-Figure Warlock and Magik figure. Technically we also got Cannonball and Boom Boom, but I associate those with their X-Force looks. The New Mutants roster gets a huge boost with the release of the Walgreens exclusive Dani Moonstar figure, which is basically a three-in-one set. Let’s see if this figure hits the bullseye.

Packaging:  Like most Walgreens exclusives, it’s the regular Marvel Legends packaging on the front and a wider portrait on the back to account for the lack of the rest of the wave and Build-A-Figure layout.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - bio

Likeness:  I love the headsculpt. This isn’t the teenage Dani, but the young woman who’s been a longtime member of the Xavier army. The braids at the back of her hair flow nicely.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - holding bow

There’s not a ton of sculpting although the attire should have padding and paneling on the gloves and boots. Given the simplistic nature of the outfit it really would have benefited from more detail with the gloves and boots. This mold makes sense for a slender young adult woman.

Paint:  Dani has a very simple paint scheme with the yellow and black. The line work is mostly clean on the three figures I got — what fading that does occur is usually around the X lining. This is one of those deals where more sculpted elements would have helped.


marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - facing magik and warlock

Scale:  Dani is taller than the Magik version of Illyana, but is much smaller than the BAF version of Warlock.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - scale with magik and warlock

Articulation:  I didn’t have any problems moving Dani although the missing bicep joint is still a pain. Still, I was able to hit most of the real action poses that make the most sense for Dani (and her pals).

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - karma and warlock

Dani Moonstar has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles
marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - wolfsbane ready to prowl

Accessories:  Dani comes with arguably one of the strongest sets of accessories in the past few years. Most importantly she has her bow and an arrow. I think the arrow is scaled a tad bigger, but this seems in keeping with safety restrictions and isn’t dramatically oversized.

Now for the really cool stuff. In lieu of BAF pieces, Hasbro included an alternate Karma head and gesturing hands. I’m always terrible at deciphering if a piece has been reused.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - karma hands wide

I think Karma has a new sculpt. For a true Karma in this attire, she’s need a left metallic leg, but I’ll cut Hasbro a break here since she’s a pack-in and not a dedicated standalone figure.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - wolfsbane claw hands up

There’s less guessing necessary with the Wolfsbane head and hands. Like Karma, Hasbro went with a mid-battle look instead of her serene Rahne. This was a great set of bonuses and something that adds a lot of value to this set.

Their heads sit a bit higher than Dani’s, but they fit well enough that it’s not a bobblehead effect.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - new mutants vs juggernaut

Worth it?  This was one of the rare cases where I managed to get a figure at a clearance price at retail. Walgreens was discounting Dani to $10, which made getting all three figures a great deal. Sometimes it helps to wait out a figure for a while, but I wouldn’t advise it. If you can find her for this price it’s a tremendous price for a very strong figure.


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Getting three figures in one…assuming you buy two additional figures was a great way to bolster the New Mutants ranks. Hasbro has found a lot of creative ways to team build and this figure proved a smart way to build an under served team.

marvel legends dani moonstar figure review - new mutants ready for action

Where to get it?  This figure was exclusive to Walgreens. Most are putting her on clearance now to make room for the triplets. If you don’t have any luck you might be able to try Amazon.