Trouble for Arrow spin-off? Lead villain joins NBC pilot

In an interesting development today, Variety reported Charlie Barnett is joining the pilot for the NBC drama Ordinary Joe.

Barnett’s name might be familiar to you as he played JJ, the corrupted son of Lyla and John Diggle in Arrow. In one of Arrow’s final episodes the table was set for JJ to cause trouble once again in 2040 after his memory was restored by a shadowy figure.

This presumably set JJ up as the main adversary in the CW’s Arrow spin-off Green Arrow and the Canaries. Especially since in this changed future he was the fiancé of main character Mia.


Of course Barnett joining a pilot doesn’t mean much, but it’s an odd play for an actor who seemed like he was set for a major role on a new CW series unless that’s not as set in stone as originally thought.

What do you think this means for Deathstroke playing a role in Green Arrow and the Canaries?

Photo Credit: The CW