DC Comics reviews 3/4/20 – The Flash #750, Batman #90, Strange Adventures #1

Justice League Odyssey #19

justice league odyssey #19

I’m loving the direction of Justice League Odyssey. It feels like an important Justice League title now and not just a spin-off book just to expand the brand.

The Lord of Time has an idea on how to stop Darkseid and his emissaries — the only catch is the team might have to get killed for him to devise a winning strategy. This leads to some of the more intense action sequences so far in the series. It’s nice to see characters like Orion and Dex-Starr cut loose and writer Dan Abnett continues to create moments in each issue for his deeper cast.

Cliff Richards handles the art this issue and he’s well up to the challenge of making the pages look as cinematic and dramatic as possible. Colorist Rain Beredo goes with darker hues that fit the tone of the story well.

This war with Darkseid is playing out well with just the right amount of attacks and salvos from both sides. At this point I’m not in a huge rush for this overall arc to end as Abnett seems to have a well thought out strategy on how best to play this out.

Rating: 9 out of 10