Anthony Mackie teases new sides of MCU fan favorites in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ series

Anthony Mackie has played Sam Wilson aka The Falcon in six Marvel Studios films dating back to 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In a recent interview with THR, Mackie suggested that despite Falcon’s prominent role, fans can expect to see deeper levels to his and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky.

They’re going to feel different in and of themselves, because they’re shot in a completely different way than the movies” Mackie said. “I think people are going to be surprised by how in-depth and evolved the characters become by having six to eight hours to them, instead of just two hours.”

Falcon has mainly been Captain America’s closest confidante frequently backing his calls even if that put him in opposition with his Avengers teammates.

Now that he’s the man entrusted with Cap’s shield, Falcon will definitely play a central role in the future of the MCU.

“When you’re on a team, you play your role,” Mackie said. But with this, you really get to see who the characters are in their lives between the movies.”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is reportedly closing in on finishing shooting. We already know Daniel Bruhl will reprise his role as Baron Zemo with rumors of him creating The Thunderbolts to fill the void left by Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow’s deaths.

And John Walker is apparently going to be in the mix as well as the U.S.-appointed Captain America successor with a partner of his own.

I’m really looking forward to this one as there hasn’t been a lot of original Disney+ content since The Mandalorian’s first season wrapped.

Photo Credit: Marvel