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DC Multiverse Starfire figure review – Collect and Connect Ninja Batman wave

Yes, Mattel has already lost the DC license, but I’ve got a few more DC Multiverse figures from Mattel to knock out. Among my favorites is Kori aka Starfire. Mattel didn’t do the character any justice in the DC Classics line and is one of my least favorite figures in the series. With the DC Multiverse Collect and Connect Ninja Batman wave, Mattel finally takes another shot at Starfire. Let’s see if this figure does a better job of lighting my fire.

Packaging:  The packaging is still easily the weakest aspect of this line and I wish Mattel would put the bare minimum into it with a quick bio on the back and include the rest of the figures in the respective waves.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - package bio

Likeness:  The prototype looked amazing with a gorgeous head sculpt and translucent hair and an overall size that didn’t make her look malnourished. The translation from prototype to figure wasn’t awful, but Starfire lost some of the fullness in her face and the cool fiery translucent effect in the hair was scrapped.

Her face looks pinched in as opposed to rounded and wide, which throws off the likeness just a bit.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - head sculpt close up

I still like the head sculpt although I wish it had more of a smile like the package drawing. The hair sculpt has some nice character and is framed more like real hair, but the lack of detail is more glaring without the translucent effect hiding it.

The only sculpted parts on the figure are the jewel on her chest and the collar piece. Naturally, I’d love all of the outfit elements to be sculpted, but this setup doesn’t ask the paintjob to do the impossible.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - scale with nightwing and red hood

Scale:  Starfire has lost some height over the years as she went from a near Amazon with voluminous hair to a regular height. She’s shorter than the Multiverse Nightwing, which just seems all kinds of wrong.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - facing nightwing and red hood

Paint:  Mattel went minimal on the sculpting, but the paintjob covers for it smoothly without any problems. I keep finding purple is a tricky color for some companies to get right, but Mattel nailed the right shade for Starfire’s outfit.

The hair is OK, but I think it should be more red than magenta. Starfire’s silver band along her right leg is uneven. Some of these issues could have been fixed with actually sculpting the outfit instead of trying to paint it all.


dc multiverse starfire figure review - battle stance

Articulation:  The Multiverse line was so close to getting the 6” scale articulation right. Skipping the bicep articulation hurts, but a better range of elbows and knee articulation would really be a huge help.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - range of flying motion

I don’t like the lack of waist articulation either as the mid-torso joint doesn’t make for a good substitute as it doesn’t offer enough range for effective flying poses.

For an energy projection character, Starfire is OK, but just a few more changes and this articulation model would be terrific.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - with red hood

Starfire has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

dc multiverse starfire figure review - ready for a fight

Accessories:  Starfire comes with two energy effects to convey her star bolts. They’re fine despite not looking like her star bolts at all.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - power effects

Additionally, Starfire comes with the head and cape of the Ninja Batman Collect and Connect figure.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - in tray with accessories

Worth it? You can get Starfire for $20. That’s a decent price for a 6-inch figure with good articulation and a CAC part. It’s not the best value, but this line is more about filling in collection gaps anyway.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - arm up

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

I really wanted to like Starfire a lot more, but the articulation limits really hurt this figure.

dc multiverse starfire figure review - flying

Where to get it?  I got Starfire from Amazon. Finding these figures at retail has always been tricky for me so I’d suggest that route or buying the full Ninja Batman wave from Entertainment