DC Comics reviews 3/11-20 – Young Justice #14, Wonder Woman #753, Superman #21

Superman #21

superman #21

One thing Brian Michael Bendis loves doing on his books is recapping the action that occurred in between issues. The normal way a writer would tell a story is simply to play the action out from issue to issue. Bendis likes to undercut the suspense of the previous issue’s cliffhanger by spoiling how it ends. It’s like watching a show that ends on an ominous note only for the next episode to reflect on the payoff in recap form.

That’s been Bendis’ calling card on Superman and he’s gone to it so often you’d think he’d try the normal way just to shake things up. Instead he spends the issue recapping Superman’s clash with Mongul.

Bendis doesn’t stress himself out too much with the script giving artist Ivan Reis six consecutive pages of two-page spreads with minimal dialogue. Reis is absolutely the driving force of this book and if he stepped away the quality of Superman — such as it is — would suffer greatly.

I’m still confused how Mongul fighting Superman caused the United Planets to turn on each other or why anyone is taking this sketchy video of Superman declaring himself Earth’s spokesman as some indication he’s trying to be the planet’s ruler.

Bendis’ Superman remains a discombobulated mess and Reis is doing his best to balance it out with some well crafted pages. It’s at the point where DC head honchos seriously needs to figure out how to rein Bendis in or transition him to another title like Tom King with Batman.

Rating: 5 out of 10