DC Comics reviews 3/11-20 – Young Justice #14, Wonder Woman #753, Superman #21

The Terrifics #26

the terrrifics #26

Following the very creative and engaging anniversary issue, The Terrifics kicks off another fantastic arc that proves there’s plenty of exciting directions to take the title.

Writer Gene Luen Yang sets up an intriguing new threat tied to some bad news for Simon Stagg on the eve of his big partnership with Mr. Terrific.

Yang continues advancing the team’s various personalities and how they play off each other despite the newer cast additions. Phantom Girl remains a little underserved much in the same way Sue Storm was in early Fantastic Four stories and it feels a function of her flashier teammates.

Sergio Fernandez Davila makes his debut as the new regular artist. Like a lot of DC titles establishing a consistent visual tone has been challenging for The Terrifics. If Davila can stay on long term, the book could be on the verge of becoming one of DC’s stronger packages in terms of high quality writing and art.

Yang sets up a very interesting development with the arrival of a new team that could really complicate matters with The Terrifics. It feels like the arrow is definitely trending up for a book that’s had a few rough patches but seems to be all the better from emerging on the other side of it. Keep an eye out for this arc and title in general.

Rating: 9 out on 10