DC Comics reviews 3/11-20 – Young Justice #14, Wonder Woman #753, Superman #21

Wonder Woman #753

wonder woman #753

Steve Orlando wraps up The Iron Maiden arc as he prepares for what now looks to be his final arc on Wonder Woman with issue #758.

The writing gig for the title has been a bit of a hot potato since Greg Rucka departed after kickstarting the book to usher in the Rebirth Era. Orlando showed a lot of promise and is developing what seems like a strong arc pitting Wonder Woman against Four Horsewomen.

That might have led to Orlando wrapping up Wonder Woman’s encounter with Valda, the Iron Maiden, sooner than originally intended. It seemed like there was more storyline potential with Valda, but it’ll fall on other writers to decide if she’s worth revisiting.

In this issue, Orlando has Diana and Valda square off a very unique beast with power similar one of Wonder Woman’s allies. That’s cause for some major concern especially as Diana is trying to stay on the good side of police detective Nora.

Max Raynor’s art is a nice fit for Wonder Woman. Raynor brings an impressive physicality to the characters in a way that looks natural and not so dramatic for the sake of being dramatic. Romulo Fajardo’s colors also come out strong.

Orlando continues building towards this big clash with the Horsewomen, but she might not have to do it alone with the arrival of a superpowered ally who could prove very helpful in the forthcoming big battle.

While another creative team debut is imminent, Orlando and Raynor keep delivering solid action and character work on what’s proven to be a resurgence of sorts for Wonder Woman.

Rating: 9 out of 10