WWE Elite #70 Gerald Brisco figure review

One of the signature elements of the Attitude Era was Vince McMahon flanked on either side by his Stooges — Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. Mattel released Patterson a few series back, but with Elite 70 we complete the main duo. I suppose I could get a suited version of Sgt. Slaughter as well.

Brisco was one of the last first in the line staples of the Attitude Era so I was happy Mattel knocked him out without a long delay. Let’s see if this figure delivers of needs a trip to the Brisco Bros. Body Shop.

Packaging:  The Elite packaging is just fine for exclusive figures despite a lack of any mentions of the other figures in that respective wave.

I like the bio, which covers his basic career from his tag team with his brother, Jack, to being one of Mr. McMahon’s stooges.

Likeness:  Brisco was more of the smiling, good-natured Stooge so his smiling expression works.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -flexing on em

I like the flow of his hair with the big swoop. His arms seem about the right size as well. The deal with The Stooges is they did wrestle so it’s not unheard of to have them in wrestling gear. I will need to find some suited figures to re-purpose for their standard suited attire.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -scale with ricky steamboat

He’s wearing red tights similar to his regular wrestling gear if you wanted to re-enact his feud with Ricky Steamboat.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review - scale with vince mcmahon, pat patterson, stone cold and the rock

Scale:  Brisco is 6’2” making him taller than fellow Stooge Pat Patterson at 6’1”. They’ll both be looking up at Vince McMahon, who is billed shorter, but in every reference pic, he was taller than The Stooges. Maybe Vince used lifts? Either way, Brisco will be looking up at the 6’5” The Rock and the 6’4” Triple H.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -facing vince mcmahon, pat patterson, stone cold and the rock


Paint:  The main paint is the hair — both on the head and the chest. Mattel went a little excessive with the graying temples, which weren’t this prominent until long after the Austin Era.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -close up

Articulation:  Brisco doesn’t need a ton of articulation — just enough to throw some punches and kicks convincingly. I didn’t have any issues in moving him around. He’s basically a punching bag for The Corporation’s enemies.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -holding austin while mcmahon attacks

Gerald Brisco has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

Accessories:  Like his fellow Stooge, Brisco is ready for his street fight against Stone Cold. He comes with a cloth shirt featuring the Brisco Bros. Body Shop.

That was a funny visual when he wore it for the fight as it was a smart cheap plug so I’m cracking up that it was included. The only switch is Brisco wore a white shirt with black text instead of a black shirt.

Brisco also has black sweatpants instead of his razor blade style pants. For match accuracy, these aren’t right, but Brisco rocked black sweats enough that it’s perfectly fine.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -in tray with accessories

He also has the riot gear helmet from their street fight against Mankind. Finally, Brisco has an alternate set of open, grabbing hands. It’s kind of odd Mattel didn’t include fists with him.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -getting stalked by mankind

Worth it?  I got Brisco for $20. No problem for the going rate for this line considering all the soft good elements.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -flexing with pat patterson

Rating: 9 out of 10

Really the only tricky part with Brisco is the grey temples. Otherwise this is a very strong release of the other main Stooge.

wwe elite gerald brisco figure review -raising mr. mcmahon's hands

Where to get it?  I’m confused about the exclusive nature of some of these Legends. Both Wal-Mart and Target had Brisco on their websites, but I thought he was exclusive to Wal-Mart. For now he’s available on Amazon.