Marvel Legends Silver Sable figure review – Build-A-Figure Kingpin wave

Silver Sable has seen her stock rise thanks to a prominent role in the Spider-Man video game on PlayStation 4. She’s been a recurring character in Spider-Man’s comic as well as a highly skilled mercenary whose path finds her battling against and alongside our favorite web-slinger. Sable was probably overdue for a Marvel Legends figure, but Hasbro finally got around to her. Let’s see if her figure is worth its weight in…silver?

Packaging:  No changes to the packaging as you’d expect. As a Spider-Man wave, the black packaging gets a red accent with the webbed insert. Silver Sable’s side portrait came out very nice while the bio sums up her character fairly well. She’s not the most complex character.

marvel legends silver sable figure review - package bio

Likeness:  I like the head sculpt as it gives Silver Sable a European flavor with the slightly arched eyebrows and pursed lips. Sable’s hair has been portrayed in various ways, but I would have preferred a shorter hairstyle to make it easier for turning her head side to side. Or at least a fuller hairstyle from her 90s look.

marvel legends silver sable figure review -headsculpt close up

Most of the outfit details are accomplished by paint with some unique sculpted elements with the gloves, belt and thigh pouches. It would have been nice for the boots to have a dedicated sculpt as well.

She’s using the Lady Deadpool mold complete with the shoulder straps, belt and thigh straps along with new gloves. This is an instance of smart reuse as there’s nothing here that looks out of place simply because it was borrowed from another figure.

marvel legends silver sable figure review - wide shot

Paint:  Hasbro went with varying shades of silver and grey for Silver Sable’s outfit. The line work is solid with no big issues along the torso stripe. There’s a grey wash in her hair that brings out some details in the sculpt without being overpowering.

marvel legends silver sable figure review - scale with spider-man and sandman

Scale:  Silver Sable has always been portrayed as regular height and she doesn’t interact with a lot of characters besides Spider-Man, Sandman and maybe Paladin for her height to be an issue.

marvel legends silver sable figure review - facing spider-man and sandman.JPG


marvel legends silver sable figure review -crouching and aiming

Articulation:  Silver Sable has the same movement you’d expect from the female mold. It would have been nice for better neck cuts to allow for more back and forth movement to create some dynamic gun shooting poses. Still, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun putting her in action fighting off Hydra goons and random mercenaries.

Silver Sable has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

marvel legends silver sable figure review - vs kraven

Accessories:  Silver Sable appropriately comes with two guns of different sizes that are borrowed from Domino. Basically we’ll want to keep Silver Sable away from Domino and Lady Deadpool as there could be some odd conversations with them.

marvel legends silver sable figure review -taking aim

Additionally she comes with the left arm of the Build-A-Figure Kingpin figure.

marvel legends silver sable figure review - inner package with figure

Worth it?  Like most figures in this wave, Silver Sable is starting to climb up in price. I don’t think she’s worth $30. Some of this is the inherent demand for a Kingpin figure, but if rumors are true another Kingpin figure might be on the way so that should decrease the value of this figure.

marvel legends silver sable figure review - crashing in

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Silver Sable was a long overdue character and I’m glad Hasbro finally knocked her out. She’s a nice figure and one that really stands out in a display thanks to her unique color scheme.

marvel legends silver sable figure review -side by side with spider-man

Where to get it?  This wave has largely left retail now, but try your luck at the random Walgreens of GameStop. You can also get her from Amazon.