Onward can’t press forward against the Coronavirus with 74% drop in second weekend

Onward clearly is going to be the biggest film to feel the most immediate impact of the massive shutdowns and self-quarantines from the Coronavirus. The Pixar film brought in $10.5 million in its second weekend and there’s little doubt it had a lot to do with parents not willing to take their children to theaters for fear of contracting the virus that’s now a global pandemic.

With a 10-day total of $60.8 million, Onward might be Pixar’s first film in a while not to cross the $100 million milestone. The pending Spring Break doubtlessly would have helped in that effort, but with families staying home over the next few weeks reaching $80 million might be tough.


Vin Diesel’s latest film, Bloodshot, managed $9.3 million and making back its $45 million budget seems a long shot. Given the quality of the film, at least Sony could try and blame the virus for keeping audiences away when making a home video pitch. The Hunt, which was already delayed following a round of mass shootings, is coming in at fourth place with $5.3 million. That’s behind The Invisible Man with $6 million in its third weekend.

I Still Believe, the biopic of Christian singer Jeremy Camp, earned $9.5 million and already turned a profit from the film’s $4 million budget.

Photo Credit: Pixar