Funko Pop! Sting and Lex Luger FYE exclusive figure set review

As I started leaning more towards the NWA/WCW side of the Big Two, Sting and Lex Luger quickly emerged as my favorites. Sting, of course, is my all-time favorite wrestler so I tend to gravitate towards anything with him, but I love that Funko made a two-pack of The Stinger with his BFF/rival. Let’s see if this set is the total package.

Packaging: I think it’s kinda funny that that this two-pack is listed as a WWE set. Yeah, I know WWE rules everything, but I would have loved for some WCW logos on this set. The back features an actual photo of Luger and Sting from different eras.

Lex is from his post-WWF run evidenced by the straps along his biceps while Sting is in his Surfer Sting prime although it’s odd that he’s not in the facepaint/attire used with the figure.

Likeness:  I almost wish Funko hadn’t included the actual reference pic of Luger as that was more of his traditional flexing pose and it would help to distinguish him further from Sting.

funko pop sting and lex luger fye exclusive figure set review -with backdrop

Reuse is common in this line, but it would have been nice to have a two-pack where the figures aren’t in the exact same pose. Ironically, it didn’t take much time to find an actual picture of Sting and Lex that was the reference for this set.

sting and lex luger


Based on the paint job and Luger’s hairstyle, this is around 1990 shortly after Sting won the NWA/WCW title in the midst of the Dudes With Attitudes stable. Luger’s hair was shorter than his Four Horsemen days while Sting’s high top was still magnificently platinum blonde.

funko pop sting and lex luger fye exclusive figure set review - sting scorpion close up

Paint:  As a hardcore Sting fan, I appreciate the work done on the figure with this face paint. Naturally, I wouldn’t say no to any Pop figure with Surfer Sting.

Lex isn’t nearly as flashy as he’s got basic blue tights.

Worth it?  Yes, the price tag says $15, but I got them on sale for $9 making for a very good deal.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

It’s hard to knock this set when it’s based off of a very specific moment with these two WCW icons. Now let’s get a Great American Bash 1990 Sting and Ric Flair set.

funko pop sting and lex luger fye exclusive figure set review - side by side

Where to get it?  You can get the Sting and Lex Luger two-pack from Amazon now for $20.