Onward, The Way Back and all the theatrical films released on demand, digital

With California essentially closed and no telling when theaters will reopen, Walt Disney joined the effort of some studios to get their films stuck in limbo in shut down theaters to the masses. Onward, arguably the film hit the hardest by COVID-19, is available today on digital.

Maybe the bigger news is Onward will be coming to Disney’s streaming service, Disney+ on April 3. That’s a big boost for the streamer as a fresh movie provides some desperately needed new content.

For those that can’t wait, Onward will be $19.99 to buy. Onward would be headed for its third weekend in theaters, but with the surge of theater closings over the last two weeks it only managed $62 million and $103 million worldwide.

Placing the film on digital now was probably Disney’s only recourse given the climate of uncertainty and at least allows for the potential for some additional profit. There is the hope of re-releasing the film in theaters once the Coronavirus pandemic is over, but there’s no telling how long that will be.


Here’s the other theatrical films that are now available on digital:

Bloodshot – Vin Diesel stars as the Valiant Comics superhero looking for payback on a group that tried to weaponize his unique skills.

Emma – Anya Taylor Joy headlines this latest retelling of the Jane Austen novel about a well-meaning woman who meddles in her friends’ love lives.

The Hunt – A radical group of liberals send a group of conservatives on the run in their murder death game.

The Invisible Man – Elizabeth Moss deals with a psychotic boyfriend who no one else can see.

The Way Back – Ben Affleck is a high school basketball coach fighting through his addiction issues and finds redemption helping the team become winners.

Photo Credit: Disney