The Walking Dead – Look at the Flowers review S10 E14

The Walking Dead has done more than a handful of episodes where a character has hallucinations where they’re visited by dead characters en route to some major revelation. Typically that’s after some big tragedy. Look at the Flowers takes a different approach as Carol has some weird remorse/guilt over her role in killing Alpha.

Deal with the batman

First, we’re shown exactly when Carol recruited Negan to take out Alpha. It wasn’t the most complicated plan — Carol basically suggested that no one would forget what Negan did unless he gave them something else to remember. Killing Alpha would do just nicely. I feel like it’s rare on TWD when the bad guy faces some real poetic justice with their death. Alpha’s head on a pike is probably the most satisfying. 

the walking dead look at the flowers - carol and negan

Not too shockingly, Carol goes back on her word as she’s not intending to go back to Alexandria and says she’s got to figure out some stuff. Negan can’t exactly strut up there and expect some warm hugs and a cold beer so he’s out on the loose again.

Cray Cray Carol

Terminus Carol was the peak of the character. She’d started out as this demure housewife who became this crew-saving bad a$$. I didn’t mind grieving Carol and even reckless, hellbent on revenge Carol, but social distancing hermit Carol is the worst. These delusions of Alpha didn’t help things either. Yeah, she took some crazy risks and endangered everyone, but it’s not like The Whisperers were gonna leave them be either. It made more sense to take the initiative and I’d rather see Carol swigging some champagne celebrating her big win instead of moping. In the end it was just a Carol clearing her head moment before she made it back to Alexandria, which came off like a big waste of time.


Three Amigos

After some prompting from Rosita, Eugene tells the Hilltop survivors about Stephanie, which unleashes a slew of questions his way. This is kinda why he wanted to keep that on the hush, Rosita. Ezekiel calms everyone down and decides to go. Maybe this new community has access to chemotherapy? Jerry and Ezekiel say their unofficial goodbyes, with the added emotional gut punch of Jerry calling him Ezekiel instead of Boss.

Yumiko suggests Magna go on the excursion too, but Magna pushes her to go. I feel like they’ve broken up every episode for the last five weeks.

the walking dead look at the flowers - yumiko, eugene and ezekiel

This is an unusual trio, but exactly the kind of random grouping we should see more of in the series. Along the way, Ezekiel’s horse gives out and he has to kill it. He took that as a metaphor and didn’t want to hold the others up as he’s getting worse. Yumiko would hear none of that and encouraged him to get out of his feelings. I like Yumiko, especially as more than a romantic appendage to Magna.

In a nice homage to the series’ first episode, they ride into a city filled with walkers tied up and positioned in regular activities like drinking at a bar, sitting on a front porch and getting a police ticket. Ezekiel finds this funny, but they’re all leery when they find a young woman with a machine gun stoked to see actual people.

Play it again Beta

Beta and a pair of Whisperers find Alpha’s head. When Whisperer #1 anoints Beta the new Alpha, Beta drags him over to let Alpha nibble on his face. The smart one runs off. Shockingly, the bitten Whisperer still walks with Beta as he cradles Alpha’s head and takes them to a town. Beta’s familiar with this place as it’s one of his old spots from his days as a country singer. Well that’s different.

the walking dead look at the flowers - beta

After throwing a mini concert courtesy of the still working record player, Beta grabs Alpha’s head and thanks her, before sticking his knife in her side and killing her for good. But, Beta is the sentimental type and he took a piece of Alpha’s skin to replace the torn part of his mask. Looks like he’s got a new horde to lead.

The new Alpha

With Carol no longer in play, Negan goes back to free Lydia, but finds Daryl instead. Daryl isn’t in much of a listening mood and holds off on killing Negan long enough to learn it was Carol’s plan. Still distrustful of the guy who tried to make him a weapon all those years ago, Daryl takes Negan to the pike line only to find Alpha’s head missing. Good thing there were some Whisperers around to back his story of killing her and proclaim him their new Alpha.

Negan relishes the moment and has them bind Daryl before killing them. Somewhere in here, we can assume Negan and Daryl reach an understanding by the time Daryl returns to Alexandria. But is Negan with him? That’s pretty intriguing.

Look at the Flowers was a weird episode in Carol’s vision quest wasn’t particularly engaging, but Eugene’s expedition and Negan’s new status made for a pair of interesting subplots. With one more episode for this season, I’m hoping we’ll get a decent cliffhanger to tide us over for whenever the series resumes.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC