Batman: The Adventure Continues Chapter 1 review

While it’s possible to read Batman: The Adventure Continues without hearing Danny Elfman’s theme or not reading Batman’s lines and not hear Kevin Conroy speaking, it only adds to the fun of an already impressive series.

This was easily the fastest I’ve gone through an issue all year — not because of the sparse dialogue — but more because it was easy to get swept away in the energy of the cartoon source material.

Series writers Alan Burnett and co-creator Paul Dini have no trouble translating the fun to 22 pages. The script feels light and unburdened by the morose, melancholy portrayal of the comic books. For half the issue, Batman battles a giant robot.

Batman-The-Adventures-Continue-Chapter-One-page 1

It helps that Burnett and Dini write the issue like things have been continuing in this animated take on Batman. That’s evident right away with the opening sequence of Batman battling one of his tougher Rogue members. There’s a cameo by one of the Bat Family as well as one of Metropolis’ famous citizens, no not that one.



Ty Templeton’s art captures the look of the cartoon without being handcuffed to keep that precise style in place. Granted, it’s simpler than the standard comic book art, but Templeton makes it look authentic. Templeton’s style is naturally geared toward a more cartoonish look so this was a good choice of artists.

Colorist Monica Kubina delivers a nice warm presentation with distinct breaks in colors even with differing shades of grey.


Batman: The Adventure Continues is an easy recommendation and exactly the kind of light, fun presentation that will resonate with Batman fans new and old especially in these stressful times.

Photo Credit: DC Comics