Mattel reveals new WWE Elite figures including Hollywood Hogan, Chyna and The Fiend

Mattel usually has a huge roll out for Wrestlemania weekend of new figures, but given the state of things that wasn’t feasible in the traditional way. Instead, Mattel revealed a slew of new figures including some very anticipated characters with a strong amount of Legends/Flashbacks.

Elite 77

This is pretty strong lineup with four flashbacks including Miss Elizabeth in her Summerslam 88 attire. Ravishing Rick Rude gets a non-Ultimate Warrior attire chase and includes another member of the Ministry of Darkness.

Elite 78

Superstar Billy Graham was a welcome surprise and Mattel did something I’ve wanted them to do for awhile by including both his 70s head sculpt and one from his 80s era WWF return. This way we get the best of both worlds and the Elite Bruno Sammartino finally has someone to fight.

Upcoming Elites include the Elite 83 Sasha Banks, Elite 84 Rhea Ripley and Drake Maverick.

WWE Legends 7

WWE Legends 8

Series 8 looks like another strong addition to the return of Legends with a 2005-era Eddie Guerrero and final appearance Ultimate Warrior.

I am leery of these chase figures for Legends as I’d happily get all of these versions since they mixed up their tights far more often than modern stars.

Decade of Domination Wave 1

Decade of Domination Wave 2

I like the choices here including an early Evolution Triple H and old school Kofi Kingston.


Mattel also provided an official look at the Elite Collection two-pack of Chyna and Triple H. I appreciate Mattel getting the authentic original look for Chyna from her earlier days rolling with Triple H.

wwe elite collection two pack - triple h and chyna

There’s also a new Ringside Collectibles exclusive with Edge and alternate heads of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder as the Edgeheads. It’s an odd move to make an exclusive an army builder of sorts.

Ultimate Edition Series 5

I’m down for both the Cena and Becky Lynch figures. They look great.

The biggest surprise however was Hollywood Hogan. Hogan infamously has been persona non grata after his n-word controversy. He’s gradually made amends within the WWE and getting a new figure was the last major obstacle. This looks to be worth the wait and it looks like Mattel has fixed the shorter torso piece problem with the UItimate Edition line. It is a little surprising there’s no cloth nWo shirt though. Maybe that’s yet to be revealed?

wwe ultimate edition series 7 hollywood hogan