Funko Pop! Falcon figure review

I’ve always found Falcon to be a cool hero. He was one of those rare guys who didn’t care about being an Avenger and was fine standing on his own or as Captain America’s partner in crime-fighting. When I spotted the Funko Pop! Falcon I knew I wasn’t going to let this figure fly the coop without adding to my collection. Let’s see if he soars.

Packaging: Falcon is No. 151 in the Marvel line. As usual, the packaging shows off the figure nicely and sports some fun illustrations of the figure. The back showcases more than a few figures I’ll want to add to my display as well.

funko pop falcon review - package top

Likeness:  Falcon has a ton of small details and is one of the better examples in the format of pulling off a character’s unique look. A lot of it isn’t accomplished just from paint either, which is pretty impressive.

funko pop falcon review - front

Sam has some well textured hair with his distinct domino mask sculpted. He’s posed in a manner suggesting he’s about to take off, which was the best way to show off his wings. They’re individually sculpted with the pleated look like the comics. Falcon’s boots with the tassels and claws are also sculpted.

funko pop falcon review - rear


Paint:  Considering Funko worked with notoriously tricky colors red, white and yellow, the paintwork is very well done. Some of the yellow from the mask tip carried over to the eye slit area. It’s noticeable, but not too annoying. The wing sections of his torso and the points coming to the chest area were all clean.

funko pop falcon review - left side

Worth it?  I got Falcon for just under $10, which is about the standard price for this line.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Thanks to so many uniquely sculpted aspects of the costume and really showcasing why this is such an iconic look for Falcon this is one of my favorite Pops in my collection.

funko pop falcon review - right side

Where to get it?  Get him now from LMF affiliate Amazon for $9.97.