Trolls World Tour reaching original’s box office debut with VOD release

Clearly I haven’t had much need to do a box office report in a while — has it really been a month? — but here’s some interesting news. Trolls World Tour is on the verge of setting digital rental release records.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was distributor Universal’s earlier digital king with an estimated $2 million to $3 million opening and World Tour reportedly did 10 times that amount. Avengers: Endgame reportedly had a $30 million week digital rental opening. Early thinking is World Tour will surpass Endgame. You could definitely make a case that the Coronavirus pandemic and a lack of fresh movie options contributed to this massive digital box office haul, but it might signal a change in some films are released to the public.

The first Trolls film opened to $46.5 million back in 2016. Assuming the numbers are still climbing, if it reaches $40 million, World Tour would prove a big win for digital rental proponents. Animated sequels don’t always surpass the original and some drop is almost expected to some degree. Despicable Me 2 improved upon the original’s $56.3 million opening with $83.5 million. Despicable Me 3 brought in $72.4 million.


Say World Tour hits the $40 million mark, it shows the viability of a theatrical/digital release opening. An interesting indicator of this model will be the next two weeks. Typically, films will drop anywhere from 30% to 50% from their opening weekend, but with less options and most of the nation still on some form of quarantine, those numbers might still hold without the normal drop. Trolls finished with $153 million. It’s not unreasonable to consider World Tour could reach $100 million.

If that’s the case would this lead more studios to consider a similar approach during the Coronavirus pandemic? Unleash an onslaught of ads just like the film was coming to theaters, send stars on a stay-at-home version of the daytime/nighttime talk show circuit and see what happens? It’s certainly an interesting thought. I kinda wish a blockbuster film like a Fast and Furious 9 or Black Widow tried this approach. I think the results would prove surprising for studios.

What do you think? Will this convince more studios to try this model for the immediate future and possibly beyond?

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures