WWE Elite The Hardy Boyz Ringside exclusive figure review

Until TNA worked tirelessly to bring the division back to prominence back in the America’s Most Wanted Days, the last great tag team era revolved around the Attitude Era’s triumvirate of Edge & Christian, The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz.

Jeff and Matt Hardy were the late 90s equivalent of The Rock n Roll Express and The Rockers with their daredevil moves and lightning fast teamwork. I was annoyed when Mattel let the window close before getting out a set of true 90s-era Dudley Boyz, but they’ve made some amends with this Ringside Collectibles exclusive two-pack of The Hardy Boyz. Let’s see if it goes to the extreme.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - package front

Packaging:  Most RSC  exclusives get great packaging. That’s still the case with this set that looks like The Hardys are on the stage about to get ready for some action. All the accessories are positioned neatly and the sunburst looking insert showcases the figures in their darker hues nicely.

The side portrait features decent looking pictures of the brothers even if there appears to be some heavy photoshopping to get this exact look.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - packaging rear

Mattel always comes through with some of the best bios for their exclusive figures and this one breaks down their legacy and rivalry with E&C and The Dudleys.

Likeness:  Mattel can pretty much make a set of Hardy Boyz for the next 10 waves and still not cover all their various looks. This one is a nice entry to the Attitude Era version. The red and black attire has been considered the Hardy’s New Brood attire, but I’m pretty sure they rocked this look after splitting with Gangrel.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - front

I love the headsculpts on these guys. Matt has his hair mostly covering his face like he had it during this early Attitude Era while Jeff has a fierce maniacal expression. Both work well for them.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time RSC got an exclusive set of the Hardys in this attire back when Jakks had the license.

One small catch with this attire is the Hardys wore their shirts tucked in. I’m going to need to find some small rubber bands to convey that look better than the untucked look with these guys.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - facing the rock, triple h, edge and christian

Scale:  The Hardys were smaller compared to their rivals. Jeff is 6’1” while Matt is 6’2”. Christian is 6’1” while Edge is 6’5” and the Dudleys are both 6’2”. The Hardys weren’t short, but their slimmer physiques  led to them getting overpowered by brawling, bullying teams. The figures both have the slim body molds to effectively capture their size in the late 90s.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - scale with the rock, triple h, edge and christian


Paint:  The Hardys’ attire is simple, but there is some necessary detail work. Jeff’s hair has the cheap dye-job he sported with his streaks. The paint settled in some areas to make it look too thick, but overall the orange came out nice.

His arm bands are OK mainly because the flesh area doesn’t have the strongest paint and the black bleeds through.

The other details like the belt buckle and white atop the boots came out just fine.

Articulation:  The Hardys flew around the ring and the Elite articulation allows them to be posed around in all kinds of extreme action shots. The Ultimate Edition arms would make a Twist of Fate look even better, but otherwise I’ve got no complaints with their articulation.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - twist of fate

The Hardy Boyz have:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - swanton bombAccessories:  The coolest aspect of these figures is the cloth shirts. As their matches wore on, the Hardys would eventually take them off and fling them to the crowd. This allows for the final stretch of their matches. The red and black tie-die looks good.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - accessories in tray

Additionally, they both have the gun hands, which is a cool bonus that I never thought we’d get from this line. Finally, there’s a set of WWF tag titles. They look good, but I’d be shocked if people don’t have an excess of them now.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - shirts off

Worth it?  I was able to get them for $26 thanks to a Christmas sale. That’s a great deal for a two-pack of Elite figures as normal retail is $20 for one figure.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

This was a long overdue arrival for my Attitude Era collection. Too bad Mattel couldn’t get out more from this era before Matt’s WWE contract ended.

wwe elite the hardy boyz figure set review - wearing wwf tag titles

Where to get it?  You can get the Hardys from RSC, and you can also get them from Amazon.