Married at First Sight Season 9 review

Married at First Sight just wrapped its 10th season, but Netflix is finally bringing the series to the masses so I figured it made sense to break it down for you non-MAFS fanatics. As much as I enjoyed Love Is Blind, it’s not nearly as entertaining as Married at First Sight especially Season 9. And if you’ve already finished Too Hot To Handle, here’s another dating/romance reality show worth binging.

For whatever reason the concept of the show is a little confusing to some people including the participants. Three experts select from thousands of applicants who agree to meet and marry at the alter.

Naturally this brings about some issues like attraction, compatibility and adaptability. It’s basically an arranged marriage conducted by experts instead of family. The crazy thing is how easily the couples sound like longtime couples arguing about finances, physical intimacy, household responsibilities and more.

married at first sight season 9 - greg and deonna

For the couples willing to compromise, communicate and take the eight-week experience seriously it leads to success. With the conclusion of this recent season, 11 couples have endured through the process and decided to stay together. Some couples have even become parents so the show has literally brought about new life.

Season 9 was one of the better seasons as it had a tremendous mix of craziness, fights and at least one happy ending. Over the course of the season it’s easy to start rooting for couples and hoping they can get over their hang-ups. And every season always manages to have a terrible, cruddy person that clearly doesn’t need to be married, let alone in a relationship.

North Carolina was the home base for Season 9. Returning experts Pastor Cal Roberson and Pepper Schwartz were joined by newcomer Viviana Coles. This was the second consecutive year with two black couples among the four. And in a rarity for reality TV they weren’t the ones acting like clowns.

married at first sight season 9 - dr v, dr pepper and pastor cal

Deonna and Greg are a likable pairing. Her biggest hang-up is she took a decade-long sabbatical from dating, which creeped up every so often making Greg question how to win her over.

Amber and Matt have to tend with Matt’s new career change after ending his professional basketball career overseas and Amber’s eagerness to be married.

Iris and Keith had a different challenge — Iris was a virgin and had saved herself for marriage. The question was would she consider a stranger, even one she married, worthy of her gift.

married at first sight season 9 - iris and keith

And finally, the TNT laced with gasoline couple of the season — Elizabeth and Jamie. This couple is a trainwreck of epic proportions leading to some of the nastiest and low-blow shots of the series. Can their passion overcome their seemingly toxic form of communication? Even if they can’t, they at least make for some tremendously entertaining TV with more than a few exchanges that will have you reaching for the rewind button to make sure you heard them correctly.


After getting married, the couples go on a honeymoon at the same resort with the intent of providing a built-in support group. There’s not a lot of people who can relate to the experiment so it makes sense to give them someone to lean on. Back home in Charlotte, the couples are provided an apartment in the same complex and occasionally have outings. Along the way there’s rumors of infidelity, conversations on lackluster sex and even moon water? Yeah, there’s a little bit of everything in this one.

married at first sight season 9 - jamie and elizabeth

The only downside to the Netflix version of the season is it doesn’t offer the complementary Couples Couch edition where past couples provide commentary sharing their experiences and takes on what’s playing out on the episodes.

This is easily one of the series’ best seasons thanks to the unpredictable nature of the couples and who actually decides to stay together. It’s a wild and fun ride that’s a perfect way to kill off a quarantine binge session.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Lifetime