First look at McFarlane DC Multiverse DC Metal figures

Earlier leaks revealed the next wave of DC Metal was going to be the focus of the next few waves of McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse line.

While very Bat-heavy, it seemed poised to offer some unique figures for the new line. Instagram poster mezcohk shared a few images today of a few of the Metal theme figures Dawnbreaker, Devastator, Murder Machine and Red Death from Metal. Also, we got a glimpse of The Grim Knight.

The figures look cool, but I’d rather have a Green Lantern, Cyborg and Flash before some Batman variants. As excited as I was for this line a lot of that has waned as these figures aren’t really what I was hoping to see at this point from McFarlane.


dc multiverse dc metal dawnbreaker


dc multiverse dc metal devestator

Murder Machine

dc multiverse dc metal murder machine


Red Death

dc multiverse dc metal the red death

The Grim Knight

dc multiverse dc metal the grim knight