The Flash: The Exorcism of Nash Wells review S6 E15

Hey look ma, a TV review that’s not me catching up on Agents of SHIELD. Although with The Flash not being able to shoot its season finale, there’s only so much excitement I can muster especially with quality TV like Too Hot to Handle to binge. Anyway, The Exorcism of Nash Wells came out a month ago, but I didn’t see the point of being caught up through an extended hiatus. With a new episode last night, I figured it was time to actually get caught back up.

Kamilla has been swapped into a prismatic refraction like Iris. That’s not great as the season has started to bog down with no one realizing Iris has been replaced. I always hate when the audience is so far ahead of the characters as they seem stupid for missing what comes across as obvious to us.

the flash - the exorcism of nash wells review - kamilla and iris

I love the approach of having a main villain in the shadows and the heroes completely oblivious as the season rolls out, but it’s always annoying when that revolves around a mole within the teams. The episode also never explained where Kamilla was and why she wasn’t in the mirror world with Iris. Maybe next episode?

Eva wants Mirror Iris and Kamilla to track down another component to help her break free.

Someone else is after said device, an assassin named Sunshine (Natalie Sharp). I feel like that only works in the ironic sense like she’s so cranky that it’s a joke anyone would call her Sunshine, not because she channels solar energy for her powers. Barry’s been burning through his Speed Force reserves and can’t risk exhausting them so Frost has to take the lead.

the flash - the exorcism of nash wells review - sunshine

Of course Barry doesn’t take Frost’s advice and ends up making the situation worse as Sunshine incapacitates him. Good thing Mirror Iris has a pep talk all ready. In fairness to Team Flash, Mirror Iris really isn’t acting all that differently around them. That might be another issue however. Sunshine proves to be a lame villain as Barry traps her in a darkened room and takes her out with Joe and the CCPD’s help. Usually the disposable one-off villains require the entire episode to take care of, but Sunshine was done in half the time.

Fortunately the main storyline this episode was entertaining enough. Nash had to fight off Thawne from seizing control of his body. Thawne tricked Team Flash into freeing him at first with a story about battling psychic starfish on Earth-26 in a fun reference to Starro the Conqueror. Fun Flash Fact: Starro was the first opponent of the Justice League back in the Silver Age.


To save Nash, Cisco and Cecile try to perform this exorcism. Between positive tachyons and neural splicers, I’m convinced the writers just toss out any random technical term and hope for the best.

This leads to a flashback where Nash was on Earth-719 and takes an orphan, Maya, under his wing as his archeological myth busting apprentice. Thawne taunts him with the memory of what happened to Maya. I’m not sure how effective this is as it’s revealing another layer to Nash that probably should have been introduced earlier. Also, this could have been excellent motivation for Nash to go after The Monitor in hopes of somehow saving Maya right before Crisis.

the flash - the exorcism of nash wells review - barry and thawne

Barry, Cisco and Cecile go into Nash’s mind with the help of a device from The Thinker. Nice call back. Barry holds off Thawne’s taunts while Cisco helps Nash work through his blame and grief over Maya’s death. It seems like she accesses a device very similar to the Monitor’s door before plummeting to her death. Maya was a doppelganger for this Earth’s Allegra explaining why Nash is so weird around her.Cisco convinces Nash to stick around and try to establish a new friendship with Allegra. This is weird advice. Hey man, your surrogate daughter happened to die, but there’s a replacement right here!

Despite retaining control of his body, Nash is still going to occasionally see the various Wells, in this case Harry, who agrees with Cisco. That’s not an awful way to handle the various Wells and allows some of the fan favorite versions to return from time to time.

the flash - the exorcism of nash wells review - barry and iris

Thawne taught Nora how to build a speed force and Barry is convinced that’s the avenue he can regain his speed. Yeah, that won’t have any issues.

The Exorcism of Nash Wells suffered from a lackluster villain and the twiddling of thumbs with the Mirror Iris, but the Nash focus made this worth watching.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW